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  1. An open letter to my dearest creditor By LOREN STEFFY Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/business/3235757 Dear MasterCard, This is to inform you of a change in our credit agreement. It has come to my attention that you are unable to keep my credit and debit card information safe. You recently revealed that data on more than 40 million accounts may have been exposed to fraud because of a security breach at a payment processing company. Information in about 200,000 accounts is known to have been stolen. It's probably the biggest case
  2. wow, what a story - more power to you. i can't wait to hear what happens! good luck! and hang in there.........
  3. you know a number to call? I'm sorry, I don't know about the application ID#. You could try calling maybe? At least then you can find out for sure. Good luck! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  4. this is a really crazy idea - not sure if it would even work, but it may be a 'cheaper' option than 500k option here in the states. go to offshore, or some other 3rd world country. sounds absurd? check out these links: Vacation, Adventure And Surgery - CBS 60 minutes story Cardiac Patients get stem cell therapy at AIIMS i don't know much more - just saw it on tv, i'm sure you can google it.....good luck.
  5. does bofa offer credit monitoring services?
  6. i applied and it gave me some we need two weeks to process, wait for somethign in the mail, etc. no application number. that almost always means 'sorry, better luck next time'.
  7. one of the reasons could be - that the dealer probably has to pay a percentage on the credit card transaction .....maybe charging 5000 dollars would result in them paying a transaction fee they just didn't want to deal with....who knows.
  8. my uncle bought a toyota corolla, got 0% on the car. he was putting down about 5k. since he's a big fan of collecting rewards on cc purchases, he decided to chrage it and was planning on paying the card off right away.... the dealer refused to charge the 5k, said there was a limit (like 2500) or so...not sure why, but they wouldn't let him charge 5k on the card. he had more than enough available on the card....so he ended up paying cash for half or so, and charging the rest... so i would ask the dealer beforehand.......ask the finance dept in specific, because the sales person will tel
  9. what exactly is utilization? my understanding is that it would be the % of outstanding debt versus available credit?
  10. my dad - had virtually no credit, he used to have credit cards about 20 years ago, but got rid of them all, had nothing besides an amex, no derrogatory or collections. about 6-8 months ago, in search for a car, we pulled his credit and only one of the three agencies had anything on him - the other two had nothing. they were reporting a score of 700 something. all the finance people at the dealerships reffered to his score as a 'ghost' score. saying that it meant little or nothing since he had NO history except for one amex that was a charge card. in the past 6 months or so, he's open
  11. park danson has me three times. now its four. the three are seperate instances. now they've doubled up on one of them making it 4 - those are the only 4 baddies i have.
  12. maybe that is what it was, not sure. i think i will stick to the bank of america sec card....waiting and waiting for it! Your description sounds more like First Premier to me. Providian used to offer cards like that, but they've pretty much gotten out of the high-fee subprime business. I got some offers for FP right after my discharge, but decided I'd wait for something better. With all those fees, a secured card is almost certainly a better option for most people. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  13. i don;t know if it is seen as bad - but it can't exactly be the same as a normal cc if it is being differentiated.....
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