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  1. Quick Update: Yesterday I received a response from EQ stating that they verified the account. (this was in response to the initial letter). The Followup letter to EQ was also sent yesterday. Question. On the letter they sent, on the header of it they state Credit File: November 30, 2018 Confirmation #: <10 digit number> Is the confirmation number the ID of a fresh report? (no report was included in the envelope)
  2. Quick Update: DV sent to CA on 12/4/2018 CA received DV on 12/5/2018 Followup sent to EQ on 12/6/2018 No changes to EQ report yet since last update. Account showing as "Medical" and no longer is dispute. Have not received ANY communication from either CA or EQ.
  3. zildjian

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

    I unlocked all reports, waited 5 mins and pulled the trigger. I was at $43k and asked for $80k. Got 63k. No HPs.
  4. Any advice on my situation? I checked CK it no longer shows in dispute. I tried the Backdoor on EQ and it looks like it doesn't work anymore. Should I send the DV to the CA as is or change the verbiage since I never received any verification from either the CA or EQ? Thanks!
  5. Great Thanks! 1 more question, in the template you have the following: "This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent fraudulent verification of an unknown medical account on my Equifax report" Technically I haven't received any form of verification from either the CA or CRA. Should I leave that verbiage as is or change it to something else like "...to your recent reporting of an unknown medical..."
  6. Ok. Quick question on the DV letter that goes to the CA. In your template you have: Date: _________ PM#____________ Is PM# the Tracking number of THIS DV letter I'm sending, or the tracking # from the initial letter sent to EQ?
  7. Update: On Wednesday 11/28/18 I checked the EQ backdoor and the collection account was still listed and reporting as in dispute. Just now, 5 mins ago, I checked the backdoor again and the account is still listed but this time under comments it just says "Medical". No where does it say anything about it being in dispute or under investigation. Does this indicate that they "verified" and closed the investigation? Should I move on to the next steps?
  8. So I haven't heard anything back from EQ yet. It's been about 10 business days. On credit karma, in the EQ section it shows an update stating the following: "Remarks: Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress" I tried to check the backdoor on EQ but when filling out the form it wants me to checkbox a section that says "To continue, click to agree to Online Delivery of Results" so I didn't continue as I wasn't sure if this would hurt the process. Is it safe to check that box?
  9. Just a quick update. I sent the initial dispute letter to EQ (it's only reporting on EQ) and they received it this morning. As soon as I hear something or any changes, I'll report back.
  10. Ok, I got the EOMB with all the paperwork as far as what was billed and what was paid. The WC paid all invoices. What's weird is that the amount of the collections which is $233 doesn't appear anywhere in the invoices paid by the WC. The $233 seems to be a charge related to the actual Dr. itself who looked at my wife. This could be balance billing or an errorneous billing. I looked at the clinic online and they have complaints similar to mine. In the EOMB it does have a line stating "A Healthcare provider may not bill the injured employee for services rendered for a compensable work-related Injury. Unless otherwise stated , reimbursement has been made in accordance with the Florida Workers' Compensation Health Care Provider reimbursement manual and/or manual for hospitals and ASC." How should I proceed? Do I only send the HIPAA dispute letter to EQ and nothing to the CA?
  11. Thanks Guys! I just did the Opt Out and I requested the EOMB. I'll report back when I get the EOMB. Should I send the HIPAA Disp before getting the EOMB or does it not matter?
  12. In the process of getting our ducks in a row for purchasing a new house in Feb 2019, my Wife and I pulled all our reports. My reports are clean, but on my wife's EQ report a medical collection showed up. It is only reporting on EQ. This was from back in Oct 2016 for an injury at work for which a workers comp claim was created. There was some back and forth at the beginning with getting the Medical Provider (Urgent Care Clinic) the proper information for my Wife's employer workers comp information but eventually we got it all squared away, or so we thought. Fast forward to last week and we see the collection account. We've never been contacted by anyone, the clinic or the CA about this. From what I understand the Provider is not to bill the patient for anything in Florida but I'm not sure on the specific statues. Below is the info as reported in EQ. What are my options? Date Reported: Oct 08, 2018 Collection Agency: DOCTORS BUSINESS BUREAU Balance Date: Oct 08, 2018 Original Creditor Name: CRITICARE CLINICS INC Account Designator Code: INDIVIDUAL_ACCOUNT Date Assigned: Nov 28, 2017 Original Amount Owed: $233 Creditor Classification: Medical or Health Care Amount: $233 Last Payment Date: Status Date: Oct 08, 2018 Date of First Delinquency: Oct 18, 2016 Status: UNPAID Comments: Medical Thanks for any help you can provide! Regards, Jose
  13. I wanted to give an update on this project. I finished booking all the airline flights using 100% rewards. FLL to LAX: Jetblue MINT (super excited about this) LAX to PPT: Air Tahiti Nui via AA miles (I was able to find aware space although I did have to speak to 5 different reps because apparently by default the agents aren't able to see award space for Air Tahiti Nui. I was able to find a blog post where they tell you exactly what to tell the agents over the phone so that they can find award space) PPT to BOB: Air Tahiti via Ultimate Rewards I did get the Citi Prestige so I will utilize the 4th night free feature. I have yet to decide on the hotel. I'm leaning towards the Intercontinental Thalasso. Anyone have any other suggestions? This project took a lot of planning and I want to Thank everyone who took part. Shows you can pull off some awesome trips with some planning and assistance from members of this board.
  14. zildjian

    guide to Capital one & the 2fer deal is dead

    If you're referring to the bonus, yes you'll still get it thanks!

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