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  1. I had looked at my Equifax credit file last night (2013), 2 more inquiries are due to drop off shortly... 09/04/12 - ScotiaBank and 03/05/13 - TD Bank. In Canada, they are under 3 years rules for deletion. Now that "no information reported' under Credit/Banking information along with these others, how would this affect my previous score of 210 listed on the online scoring from Equifax Canada? I had noticed that Contact Resources Collections agency had done a 'hard hit' on my TransUnion credit file in 2009. No listed information was showing on that file. Any suggestions on re-building my file as I had spent countless times reviewing websites about credit and the proper usage.
  2. The above listed credit file came from Equifax online, however, was unable to get my printer working at that point in time. I could only file for my free copy which I had done about a week afterwards. Yes, these were Canadian accounts.
  3. Greetings, I had 3 CC's go belly up between 2002 and 2005 (Canadian Tire, Sears Can., Home Trust Visa). They all went to CA's resulting in an R9 listings on my credit files from Equifax and TransUnion. My final score showed 210 in 2013 and all CA listings were removed from my file in 2014. "no credit/banking information available" was listed on my recent credit files acquired. I recently got "nudged" from another CA, however, do not know how to proceed with this new one. Any assistance would be appreciated in this manner, as I am still trying to understand this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Greetings, My name is John, resident of Ontario northwest regions.
  5. Greetings, Just to clarify my initial post, the 3 CC's were with Canadian Tire, Sears Canada, and Home Trust Visa all of them Canadian based accounts. The last time I had viewed my credit file online, I had an ultra-low score of 210 showing. However, I had recently received another "nudge" from a collections agency due to a previous account held by one of the above listed companies. I do realize that sooner or later I will have to deal with these, yet, the 7 years had gone by and all had been cleared from my file. The clock will be reset should I respond to that letter, yet, if I do, would it be wise to arrange to have a 48 hour delete the display from my credit file option made in writing to them? thanks for all those that had replied.
  6. Greetings, As I had a previous bad run with 3 CC's that went 'belly up' with R9 listings, will those listings that were posted by collections agencies still be showing up as 'flagged' if I re-apply for new credit? Last check I had made on my credit file showed "no credit/banking information available". All of them were cleared off my file last year (2014). I have a hard time trying to understand this and would like some clarification in regards to this issue. Thanks in advance.

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