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  1. Thanks for the great info! I'm replying so I can refer to this.
  2. Why SIMM Associates? I didn't receive anything from SIMM until after I sent a letter to the OC. I always thought the validation letter went to the OC. Why would I do any sort of business with a creditor? That was always my thinking anyway... thanks for the input! Amy
  3. Yes, I sent them a CMRRR on January 2nd.
  4. I just got a phone call at work from SIMM Associates for a Target account that I'm asking for Validation on. I immediately hung up on them, the chick immediately called me back and instead of introducing herself, asked for my manager. I said "no"! We went back and forth a bit but basically they are harrassing me at work, threatening to "tell on me".... this is so ridiculous. I sent Target a CMRRR with no response yet - it's been 2 weeks - obviously too soon. Please!! If someone has the wording for a limited C&D??? I looked at all the letters and couldn't find it. These guys are jerks. All they have to do is call my work phone when I'm not here and hit 0 to get one of my coworkers. That would be so embarrassing. Thanks in advance! Amy
  5. I would call them and see what the deal is. I'm assuming you owe them money? They can do all sorts of things, seize your assets, freeze your bank accounts... BUT usually if you CALL THEM they will set up a payment plan with you. They just want to be paid. For example, I owed $3,000 in back taxes and was able to set up a repayment plan of a minimum of $50 a month. So just because you owe them money doesn't mean they're going to want all of it up front. They will ask if you can pay it all, just tell them no but here's my offer.
  6. I have basically the same question. I have relatively new debt that is going to be past due (I can see I've screwed up - I know it's not going to get any better. I've stopped spending but now I can't afford my minimums - yes, I'm an salamander). So when your living expenses need to take priority over your CC's - but you want to pay back the money, you just can't do it all at once or even take care of the minimums for awhile, what do you do? Listen to the phone ring and pay off one CC at a time? Write letters? When do these normally charge off? I've been on the board for awhile and I understand how to fix my CR once it's screwed up, but I've never been in this position before. Ideas?
  7. I got an automatic increase on my Exxon Card at 5 months (I think) $200-$400. My Walmart & Sam's club cards refuse to give me CLI's. I'm at $500 a piece with them.
  8. I'm asking in this old thread in an attempt to keep this info all together. I just had an inquiry on my Equifax account from these guys. I *just* got a letter from them regarding an old old old VCU (school) past due amount. They can pull my credit????? *sigh* I guess I need to go back into the archives and research what's next. Dagnabbit, I thought I had all this stuff cleared up. pooh!
  9. "Their" = the collector or the original creditor?
  10. Here's a stupid question. Is a judgement considered validation? I want to say it is, but I'm asking for a second opinion. Thanks!
  11. what was the answer????? oops! Sorry Hege! I was denied... I was however, just approved for a StateFarm Good Neighbor Card (1k max after I asked for more than 500). I have renters insurance with them, auto with Geico. Go figure!
  12. hey!! Can I be a member? I've been around for awhile... thanks!
  13. Juniper with a BK ?? which card? Boy I thought they werent bk friendly Juniper is VERY BK friendly. I got the Tesoro & Racetrack cards last fall. (each $800) My BK was discharged in 2002.
  14. name of institution: State Farm (Good Neighbor Card) approved/denied: Approved score: 603 FICO credit limit: $1,000 cra pulled: Exp State: VA name of institution: Patelco approved/denied: Approved score: 595 FICO credit limit: $2,000 cra pulled: Trans State: VA name of institution: Capital One approved/denied: Approved score: n/a - CLI request credit limit: $2,000 ($1,000 increase) cra pulled: none State: VA I had a BK 13 in 2002. State Farm approved me after a reconsideration request, initially for $500 but I talked him into $1,000. 0% on BT's for 6 months (not bad for my crappy credit!!!) and Patelco is approved with stipulations (I have to open a savings account ($25) and fax in copies of paystubs, drivers license & SS card) I just sent in the paperwork to get a new copy of my SS card so it'll be a few weeks before I'm able to send them the required documentation, but I'm happy! State Farm, Patelco and a doubling of my Cap One max in one week! yay!

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