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  1. I am a "newbie" and I am so very grateful to have found this site. Psychdoc is awesome. I have read only the first two sessions so far, and starting the third today. Filed for BK in November 2009--discharged February 2010. Didn't think much about my credit 'cause I knew FICO would be depressingly low. I started checking credit in 2012--it was in the 500's. It is now in the low 700's, but with several derogatories b/c of the BK. The derogs are biggies because when my husband died unexpectedly in 2007 I was not able to pay the mortgage and credit cards--two of these debts are Chase, and one is Capital One. Since these are accurate, I doubt if I can get them removed from CRs. There is one in Collections and even after I researched it I still don't know what it is except that it is Medical. The OC is in St. Joseph, MO, and the CR shows the debt occurred in January 2011. Although I have lived in Kansas City, MO, I moved to Georgia in 2010, plus I had never had anything medical in St. Joseph. Before I dispute it, I will read Pychdoc again to be sure I do it correctly. I have an unsecured Barclaycard w/$2,800 CL. I pay more than minimum and pay 2X each month. In the two years I have had it, I have not gone even near the max. I also have a $700 credit limit PayPal Smart Connect account through Synchrony. Just the other day I applied for and got approved for a secured card. I don't have a mortgage or a car payment. I would have had a car payment recently but Honda and others would not approve me because of the BK, even with a fairly large down payment. So, I emptied my meager savings account and bought a car with cash. (I think the auto loan would have enabled me to build credit.) Well, that is the background, but I do need help. Although I read Forum posts as well as Psychdoc's sessions, I welcome ideas & suggestions from members. I' not so sure I'm doing anything right. (Keep in mind that I am retired and have a small income.) Thank you!
  2. I have faithfully been monitoring my CRs. There is one account that is "collections." It is a medical from a company with a German name (that I forgot how to spell) located in St. Joseph, Missouri. The CA is Capital Accounts LLC. Did some research and it seems this CA does mostly dental collections. The date of service was 3/2011, which was a year after my BK discharge. Point is, I have never heard of this company, have never heard from them (no calls, no letters) plus I had been seeing the same dentist for over ten years, and have a zero balance there. In fact, I did not have ANY dental work done in 2011, and certainly not in St. Joseph, MO. This has to be an error, but I am not sure what to do first. In late 2010 I moved from K C Missouri to Georgia. I have not tried to contact the CA or the OC because I "think" I read on this forum a few weeks ago that contacting them would just stir up a hornets' nest and they would start harassing me. Suggestions would be welcome.

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