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  1. Have my car loan with a local CU. They have not updated the balance since my May payment . Stopped in there the other day and asked why they hadn't updated it in forever and I got some story about their software updating and they do not know when it will be fixed. She said that she would put in a request to update my balance but urged me to dispute the balance with the CRA;. Is there any downside to this? My loan is now under 30pct.
  2. Alliant raised my limit from 15k to 20k on my two year anniversary , without me asking. I only used the card to transfer a 0 pct balance which was paid off in February. Original limit was 10k and i reconned and got them to give me 15k. I guess i should buy something with it. No email from them but all my monitoring services sent me emails and alerts.
  3. Was up over 800 on all my credit files when I hit some self sabotage and forces of nature. My parents closed a 28 yr old tradeline that I was an aU on because they are almost 80 and want to only have two cards. I took a 35 point hit with that on EX and Eq which i know is lost. Opened a business Discover where they only gave me 7k line. At the tine i did not know they reported to personal. This has tanked my score because it max reports every month. Question `1. I am approaching my 1 yr anniversary which ends the cashback match. Thinking about closing it because Discover said they don't raise business lines from the initial limit. I know my score will go up from not using it but will it help my AAofA to cancel it. It is my second newest card. Ainy chance of combining the linit with my personal Discover which is stuck at 5100? According to EX my AAofA is 4 yr 5 months Question 2. Opened a furniture card underwritten by wellsfargo for 0 pct for 12 months. Card is 3 months old. I had a really good month and could pay off this card now, will closing it help my score? This is my newest card. Should i close this? Overall credit health 21k owed at 0% with 145k in limits. 2 vehicles financed for business , 1 reporting on my personal. my only current goal is to get back with chase. those are my only two cards in last 5 yrs. I screwed chase in 08 on 2 cards and a WAmu they acquired . Had 60k in linits on the ink card before i bought my brother out of the business (he had used his credit) and they have refused me twice when i applied with scores in the 780s. In 2019 Chase opened a 15k freedom for me , I made one charge and must have spooked them they closed the account. 4k on cigars Still paid my sign up bonus but i have not tried again with them.
  4. I am hesitant to apply for CLI with existing lenders because my 2020 income dropped 40k and I have been avoiding letting existing creditors know, I expect it to go back to normal in 2021. As far as product changes goes I think I would rather just apply for a new card and get the SUB and/or a new 0 pct offer.
  5. Those are personal cards. Black is a reward card , white is a lower interest card. I guess my question is will closing this card have any negative effects long term.
  6. Cv i am not sure what that means. Part of the disparity is that my father had put me on his GM cap one card opened in 1994 so I could use his accrued rewards in 2002. He never took me off the card and when I started cleaning my reports i disputed his address , not knowing of the benefit of being an AU. TU and EQ removed it . I never told him about the benefit i was getting and as he is 80 , when he bought his last Caddy in April he canceled the card figuring it would be the last car he would buy. That's the only reason i quoted CK.
  7. I opened the Boa black cc (premium rewards card) with a 40k credit limit in oct 17 and opened the white card Dec 18 to take advantage of a 0 pct offer. They took 14k from my black card to open that account leaving me with a 26k limit. Periodically they sent e 0 pct checks but have not since late 2019. There are also no rewards on the card so when I got my year end summary a few days ago it said I had only used it to charge under $5 in 2020. According to the Experian ap my AA of credit is 4 years 9 months. According to Credit Karma (just using this for a datapoint) my average age is 3 years 2 months. When talking to a customer service rep about why I had not gotten any 0 pct checks in the past year with my credit scores ranging from 760 to 800 in 2020 depending on usage he could not tell me. I asked if I would be able to cancel that card and add the limit back to my black card. The question is being that the white card is below my avg age would there be any disadvantage to closing this account? Since my rebuild I have kept everything open except my turd cards (credit one and Merrick) . The 40k line would be my highest after my Nfcu at 34k.
  8. Thanks, lot of good that will help anyone that was affected by the data breach. (which i wasn''t) its amazing they have dragged this out three years.
  9. I opted for the free credit monitoring but have never been contacted. I haven't seen anything about it on this forum , was I asleep or has it been delayed?
  10. How long and how often do you pros save your credit reports? i've got about an 11 inch pile going back to 2009 when i had my last negative post. Report has been clean for the last 3-4 years.
  11. why would you spend money on a tradeline with a dirty file? Money would have been better spent paying down debt.
  12. Dispensaries in Mass only take cash or debit.Do they take credit in Tahoe?
  13. I like CapOne cafes where if you pay with the card you get half price Petes coffee. I use that a few times a week pre covid. also like the venture card would give you 10 times points on hotels.com (not sure if they still do as I haven;t traveled since January) Stuck at 4400 from a 1000 platinum during my rebuild and my intial credit limit of 15k on the Venture. No adverse action for me with scores around 750 on all 3.
  14. I just opted back in last year . They were sending me 5-6 offers a week,I haven't gotten any mail from them during the pandemic should i complain?
  15. Update. I figured it out. When my credit fell apart in 08 the one card that kept reporting was my synchrony /jc penny card. Opened in 1998 and closed in April 2010 for lack of use. Fell off the credit report. Surprised that cost 30 points!
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