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  1. You may be right , I have not done too much research on rates because it is a month premature. I am coming off a lease, and I am going thru an auto wholesaler who the family has bought vehicles from before, and he told me with the recent fed rate increases , that the best credit scores are getting between 3.35 and 3.9 right now on used vehicles. I am just trying to put myself in the best position. My 720 score has 51 and 2100 reporting from my cap one cards Those are paid off and will stay in the drawer till after the car purchase plus my nfcu is reporting 2500 higher because i tried to get another payment in before reporting date.
  2. I know i don't need 740 but the local Cu told me that is what I need for their 3.9 rate on used vehicles with under 20k miles. I just want to optimize my scores/payments for the next 25 days and then I will go back to working on highest interest rate.
  3. Back in July I put 100k on various credit cards to invest in a venture. Was supposed to be paid back by end of Nov but ran into a few pitfalls and am now looking at Apr 1. I currently owe about 55k . . I have 125k in available credit 131k if you include Walmart. My experian also has a 24k authorized user card so it lists available credit as 155k and is my highest score . Nfcu 25k /34k limit Amex 7k/25k limit Boa 19.5/40k limit chase 3300 , they closed my card because of my activity , it was only 2 months old. This has 0 pct for the next 15 months. I also have a discover card that I pif that reported 980 last month and has 1300 on it this month. Current scores are 720 EXp, 704 Eq and 698 Tu Would like to get my scores above 740 by mid January as I will be financing a 2017/2018 used car and want the best rate. All cards are currently paid above minimums for January and i have an additional 10k minimum and possibly up to 15k to use for payments. Question 1. Is there any advantage to not letting Discover report. I can push that 1300 off till Feb 6 without interest. Question 2. My EX only dropped from 714 to 709 when Chase reported it was closed. Reports were 7 days apart, so is it advantageous to 0 that out even though I have 0 pct and am paying 150 pct of the minimum monthly. Question 3 Before taking into account the auto financing I had been attacking my BOA card because that was the highest rate and NFCU the lowest. Will i get a better bang for my buck if i get my NFCU under 50% vs paying down BOA. Question 4 the last month I have been turned down for CLI from Discover, and my 2 Cap Ones based on my high utilization even though those are 9 balances. I also have a 6k limit Pennfed that i got in August before all these reported. It is 0 pct but i have not transferred anything because of the low limit would it hurt to transfer 2900 to that card or just leave it alone. I also have not asked for a higher limit because I dont want to screw up and get that card closed. Last Question In my Boa online they have been telling me that I have a special offer for a 0 pct free balance transfer offer. Is there any downside to applying for that . I have not seen any talk about Boa special offers if they usually get approved or not. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. you're right Big Bear, I was thinking 5/12 I am screwed till oct 19 for chase. without wells fargo id be good feb 19.
  5. I acted too hastily and will live with it. I opened up 3 cards in the last 90 , 5 within the year. Will be able to apply to Chase again in November. Should have asked for advice on CB first.
  6. I had been following a lot of the advice on this board. Started out Subprime with starter and secured cards. Started getting good cards with higher limits and built them up . BOA 15 > 40k, nfcu 24 k > 34k , Amex blue 15 > 25k . Finally was eligible for chase and got a 15k Freedom, so I also applied for Wells Fargo and they gave me a 2500 limit. I immediately called up and asked for a higher limit they told me no, i said then I don't want the card and don't want it to be listed on my reports. They said too late we issued an account number and I said you made me an offer after I applied to which I am declining to activate , please cancel. They did but listed it on all 3 cb's as paid satisfactory closed at consumer request. Am i stuck with this or can i dispute it off? Advice? It will hinder me getting more Chase cards plus i'm sure it hurts my scores.
  7. took close to 10 business days but they did raise me to 15k
  8. got an offer in the mail for a 500.00 bonus after a 7500 spend. 1 yearr 0 pct interest. We have although not cosigned by me , my partner a 30k and a 15k chase inks. Personal credit cards 35k nfcu, 15k, 4400k Cap Ones, BOA 25k, Amex 25k. 4 pct utilization. I tried to talk to an underwriter they would not let me but took a request for a 25k cli. Most of my charges are over 4k if they don't raise it ill just spend the 7500 and shut it down.
  9. personally id think gay customers are better risks. as a contractor i love calls from gay people. They almost always have two incomes.
  10. I know this is an old thread , but i am trying to find out if US Bank reports their business card on personal reports. Thanks
  11. parking lot in boston , 24.00 cap one declined 5 times, chase decline 2 times before he determined his terminal was not working. it was a no cash lot , and i got out of there for 8.00 when i said that's all i had on me. This was at 115 am sunday morning.
  12. 2 for 2 cli today on my lowest limit cards, but oldest . Discover 4200 to 4500 Cap One 2600 to 4600
  13. hookers, cigars, and expensive bourbon for me and thanks to cb i should have some nice credit liines to max out
  14. both decent watches but if he wanted to make a quick buck, its easier to resell a rolex.
  15. My Financial Advisor said he is unaware of this , and his firm advises all clients to make their contributions postmarked by tax day, or push them till the following year.

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