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  1. Glad everything worked out for you.
  2. Whenever I use my Capital One I always have a back-up ...You cannot ever get too comfortable with them.
  3. I had to look it up to make sure. When you choose to dispute online you waive your rights to the method of verification. You also do not have a paper trail to prove anything
  4. I think when you dispute online and not cmrrr, You give up your right for the Mov....
  5. You will need to dispute in writing and send it certified mail.
  6. Not at All......................smh
  7. Wow Kat ! You just went there with the Lunch Tickets and lunch chips omg !!!!!!
  8. They are Basically saying you are Guilty by Association....... I certainly do not agree with that stance,They can be Brutal.
  9. I didn't but wish I had, these are my travel months. Just re-read I have the cash rewards not the Flagship .
  10. Doesn't sound like OP likes the advice that was given.
  11. I was wondering how I was got.... I blamed it on either My fico (using card online) or Quiktrip.... That card was switched out about 2 weeks ago..... I saw 2 charges to amazon for a Kindle e-book, and I do not have a kindle. Good think I check daily..smh
  12. Citi Diamond pre- selected offer and renewed Drivers License
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