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  1. Hi Lama, I had the same problem with NASA requested $25K or $35K. Told the same about lien situation. Offered the following option: 1. Approval open for 60 days 2. Write an Appeal to Board for acceptation to $5K lien rule 3. Given 60 day window to clear lien and show written IRS letter head proof I didn't do anything. I just let it die. In hindsight I should have: 1. Written the letter to the NASA Board 2. Started work earlier than now to clear the lien But at the time: 1. My knowledge of this credit repair process was far less 2. I had other Credit Report Issues BUT YOU LIVE AND LEARN!!! Once I get this lien cleared I'm requesting whatever their max is for a credit card!!! I hope this helps. My lien is $13K...I know!
  2. Hi Lama, You can write for an appeal with NASA. I believe it goes to their board. Not sure of the success rate but worth a try. Not sure of your particular situation surrounding the lien? 1. If you are in uncollectible status? 2. If its about to the time-out for collection 3. If the returns are out standing 4. If the returns are unfiled: 4A. Are big tax debts owed? 4B. Are relatively small refund amounts due or large amounts? 4C. How far back are returns due? The lien situation seems to matter more to some credit unions as opposed to banks. The lien should definitely be addressed to clear or mitigate. But for basic credit granting (CC, Auto and some loans) just clearing it from the Credit Report will do a world of good. BUT AGAIN!!!! It depends on the status, age and other factors of the lien? Please guys don't jump all over me for the above comments! I just spoke with the IRS recently.
  3. Hi Lama, No, I would say no. Because I have one!
  4. Just one example... Thanks to this wonderful community and all of it's contributors NFCU Visa 50k - Amex BCE 9k - Amex Hilton 9.9k - Amex Everyday 20k - PSECU 20k/20k - USAA MC 24k Chase Slate 5k - Discover 24.5k - BOFA Visa 45k - Walmart MC 50k - Paypal SConnect 35k - Capital One MC - 33.75k REI Visa 25k - Sony Visa 8k - PenFed Visa 50k - Chase Amazon 17k - Chase Freedom 25k - Macys 1.8k - Citi Simplicity 24k - Citi TYP 9k - Sallie Mae MC 25k - USAA Amex 16k Ashley Furniture 10k - Rooms To Go CC 25k - Choice Hotels Visa 4k - Business Cards: Chase Ink Plus 19.5k - BOFA Cash Rewards 8.5k Total Revolving lines (excluding business): $571,950 Fico Scores as of 5/15: EX 780 / EQ 785 / TU 802 KayveBear's Running Credit Thread Hi Kat, I'm blown away by that number $571,950!!! I was hoping to get to $150K. Some of those $50K limits are amazing. Now I something to aim for once I totally clear my reports.
  5. Hi Vintage, Thank you. I believe praise and recognition goes miles with people and smooth a lot of road. Thanks, I hope everybody can get something out of it to help them in a future battle.
  6. Hi Farmer, Thanks, for being so nice in expressing your enjoyment of the post. As stated before I just wanted to put a detailed interaction between myself and the CC company down. Be it success or failure and maybe get some feedback from the board. On how I could improve and refine my approach. Also, sometimes people get a process completed and are successful, but don't tell you in a easy to follow step by step manner how it was done. I really hope it helps somebody be successful when on the line with a CC company.
  7. Hi Cap, Thanks, for those very complementary words. I really hope the process used helps someone in their request for CLI or whatever CC company engagement they have. Thanks, again.
  8. Hi, Did you ask to speak with the next level up of authority regarding this matter? If you did not you should what could it hurt? I assuming you would like a higher limit?
  9. Daddy, the earliest we have reported getting Citi after BK if you did not IIB them is 4.5 years. If it has been that long, try the recon strategy recommended. Hi Vintage, Thanks, for the congratulations. Persistence in life pays off in so many ways.
  10. Hi Cracked, At least in my experience its always been more advantageous to be kind. Especially, over the phone. The initial Customer Service Rep. can pave a smooth surface on the transition to the next level or fill the road with unnecessary pot-holes, obstacles and other things which will require additional time and energy to address. Bottom line for the CLI all the CBer wants generally is the CLI desired or a reasonable counter offer. Vinegar will not get you that!
  11. Hi War, I try to chat it up a bit before getting right to the business. General stuff like: 1. Where are you located? 2. How is the weather? 3. If I have ever been to there city or state. 3A. I may mention how great I thought it was 3B. A tourist point of interest I saw 3C. Or the great time I had there 4. If have never been to their city or state. I might say: 4A. I always wanted to visit 4B. My relative or friend that lives there and how much they enjoy it I always tell them how great the card is: 1. If I have card already: 1A. How respected the card is by merchants 1B. How great customer service is and everyone is so nice 1C. I want to make this my everyday charger 1D. All the benefits offered to cardholder 1E. Wanting to Grow with _____ (fill in a CC name) If I don't have card already: 1A. How well respected you have observed the company to be 1B. Cardholders you know (friends, co-workers, relatives) how they rave about card, company, perks and service 1C. How great you think products are (maybe mention 1 perk) Ex. Your banana-split card has no foreign transaction fees and that is great. I'm planning a trip this summer to Europe for the family. The will be a fantastic advantage to have. Again if needed hit them with: 1A. Want to make it my everyday charger 1B. Wanting to grow with Company 1C. Breathe of Product line 1D. How card is highly respected by Merchants You don't have to say all of these but maybe 1 or 2 depending on the scenario. But I would absolutely attempt some small talk initially. If nothing else but: 1. How are you? 2. How is the weather? 3. Our weather here in _____ is? I hope this reaches you before the call and can help. Keep us updated and good luck!
  12. Hi Who, You don't have to wait. I got a Lowes card about 3 months ago. The day I found I was approved called in requested a $50K limit. The CLI was denied but was given $35K! Told to work with this for a few months and then call back for $50K. Go ahead and request $50K and see what happens? How are your scores? Any baddies on your report that would be major concerns? Good Luck!
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