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  1. Yeah spend probably could have been better utilized but I was trying to juice up my limits. I did comply. The actually requested last 3 months bank statements, too. I told them they were lucky to get the 4506-t and if they wanted the bank statements they could kick rocks. Account was cleared for use last week.
  2. I have a Discover card with a 48k limit. Had it for 5 years. Over 1 million in spend. They just 4506'd me last week.
  3. Yeah I called a few but was getting kinda vague answers as to their reporting methodology. Thanks
  4. Hello - I've read most everything on here about business credit I believe, and I know which banks that won't report a business credit card to personal credit, I also know that NFCU business card doesn't report to personal credit, either. My question is what about the other credit unions? For example, in going over the master "who pulls TU" post, I found that apple fcu, state farm, and umb all offer business cards. Does anyone have any experience with the reporting for them or other non-big bank business cards?

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