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  1. Sorry excuse for letting your wife do all the settling in.
  2. Hmmmmmm... I hadn't thought of googling REALTORKEN until now!
  3. As a former REALTOR in a homestead state, our motto is 1 to buy.....2 to sell.
  4. Oh my loose hampster memories. I have lost and found a few. The only thing I know s to wait them out because eventually they get hungry and come out into the open.
  5. I thought this would be the solution, but it didn't help . I'll try on a different computer later. Maybe Yahoo is trying to tell me something.
  6. For the past couple of weeks, I have not been able to get into yahoo email more than I have gotten into the email site. The regular yahoo site comes up, but when I try to go to the email page I get "this page cannot be displayed"
  7. But not in Oklahoma. It's not legal yet. I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life and in the metro area for about 26 years. It is a big city with a small city feel. I live in a suburban area and my husband used to teach in the mid-del district. There is one high school in the district that outshines the other 2. The city has been forward looking in the past decade with the MAPS project and MAPS for kids. The downtown is becoming vibrant. We have an art museum to be envious of and minor sports. If you like baseball, we have one of the finest minor league ballparks in the country. Our major sports are college football and basketball. Local theater, Shakespeare in the park, Broadway shows, philharmonic orchestra. Several local lakes includng one that is renown for sailing. I was never much impressed with tornados until the May 5, 1999 tornado. Now I have a genune respect for them. And catchnrelease was correct about them following a line. There are some areas that have had homes wiped out more than once. I would never live in those areas, but people go back in and rebuild. And if there is sleet or snow, we shut down because we don't know how to handle it. If it snows, I don't leave the house. Another downfall - state income tax. But I believe our property taxes are lower than many other states.
  8. My husband's is a 99/500. It's been a year and they haven't unsecured it yet.
  9. Way to GO!! But what is the reason for the rate jacking? That's scary. Both my DH and me have BOA cards.
  10. That's the feeling I get. She said I dont really have to work, I just furnish her with names - like I would do that.
  11. I keep getting approached by people to "join up" with PrimeAmerica. I have no interest in doing this and it feels like a multi level thing. Anyone with positive or negative experiences?
  12. latrues

    ? for brokers

    Do you happen to have a Gateway programable keyboard. I used to have one and sometimes it would do funky things if I accidently hit something on the keyboard. I would have to press somethimg like "ctrl, alt, suspd mactos" to clear it out.
  13. Here is an experience that I have had as a loan officer. Not with HH but with finance companies in general. I had a guy wanting a loan for a home, but his DTI was too high. Looking at his debts I noticed two installment debts that had about 4 months each left on them. I bracketed these and made a note to the underwriter "do not include - less than 10 months left on note". I thought all was well but the underwrter counted these against him anyway because he had a history of opening these accounts, paying them off and then opening them again.
  14. Can't you be legally on the title but not on the Note?

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