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  1. 9k Clear - Still OK. EQ 762 (EX typically higher) ~$400 bal. from plane tkts since Aug.
  2. Congrats OP! Thanks to you I HAD to sign in and check and yeah - some Citi Luv on my Diamond Rewards card - up $1800 to $19,900 Citi Rocks! Thanks OP!
  3. I recently had CA send a letter for an account from 10+ years ago. The letter did not state the date of delinquency. After a lot of searching I've decided to DV them first, and after they send whatever BS information they have, sending them a "FOAD" letter since it is obviously SOL. OP - since you have their address maybe sending them a DV request first might put you in a better position to send the SOL C&D letter.... Maybe someone with more experience can confirm if this is a good way to go about it.
  4. 89 - I had checked at 9:45 and got the error message. Just checked again and it's confirmed for May 16th.
  5. Reading Now: The Audacity of Hope.....Barack Obama What I know Now - Letters to My Younger Self......Ellyn Spragins Just finished B is for Burglar...Sue Grafton (I started the alphabet series late). Cold Mountain.....Charles Frazier Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz deserves another mention, good book. Another Dean Koontz goodie is Intensity. For silly fun I love reading the Stephanie Plum novels from Janet Evanovich.......
  6. What an incredibly informative thread - Thank you Kybosh! You answered many questions I had about the NACA program. How did it go on your 3rd sitdown with NACA?
  7. In my experience a judgement did fall off after seven years, it actually came off 3 months early. It was a small amount and I first noticed it when it was already at the 6 year mark (pre CB). My advice would be wait until September and see if it continues to report, then take it from there.
  8. We’re in the same boat 2Logical. Of course I read this post yesterday – AFTER I paid off my Amex balance. CL is 9000 and I had a balance of about 1700. I’ll also let everyone know if this triggered a CLD.
  9. CPPSAVINGS worked for me today 3/6 20% off.
  10. I've been meaning to request an increase since I recently hit the 6 month mark for my Citi Diamond card. Since I was going to do the request anyway, figured I'd try the automatic increase online and see if I also got that message, but no, instant $2200.00 CLI. ( I almost passed out when I saw that - really wasn't expecting that much ) Guess its not a totally standard thing right now, but a YMMV kinda thing.
  11. I just CB! Breeze, can I be a member too?
  12. That's terrible news, money plays such a big part in court situations. You might be able to check out your Leagle Aid Society for a good reference or some advice. Is the subpoena valid even if a judge did not sign it?
  13. I recently purchased Quicken Deluxe. You don’t state what your trying to track, but this software is pretty complete. It’s easy to use and has lots of features. That said it didn’t work out for me. I wanted a software that would track my bank accounts, credit cards, bills, expenses, savings ect. Quicken does all of that except that my bank account does not automatically connect to the software, or allow me to import information, which means I would have to manually enter all of my transactions or else it would not be accurate. In other words, I would be better off just using Excel. Another point is that some companies charge for the ability to download your account information into Quicken, like Bank of America. I believe its $9.95 a month if you don’t have a bank account with them. From my experience Citibank and Amex do not charge and they have the automatic download option available. You can check if your bank has the direct connect or web connect option to use Quicken at: http://web.intuit.com/personal/quicken/sea...500&qbid=qb1500 Note: My bank said Web Connect but it wasn’t. For me, being able to have all of my financial information in 1 place where I can check it at a glance is worth the costs, of course not everyone would agree. I’ll be changing banks soon since my bank has no idea when they will support money management software. As for the differences you can check for yourself, MS Money offers a free trial and Quicken has a 60-Day money back guarantee. I felt more comfortable using Quicken since I use QuickBooks at work. Hope that helped!
  14. Just read some great budgeting ideas in this thread and I'm giving it a bump up for others that might have missed it. Enjoy.

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