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  1. Yesterday, I received the immediate decline notice when I tried a CLI at the Discover website. I've been getting the automatic decline since December 2016. Then today, less than 24 hours later, I received an e-mail from Discover congratulating me on a $4,100 increase. I go to the Discover website and the increase is already active.
  2. To answer my own question, my new card arrived yesterday.
  3. I have not received my new card yet. Has anyone else? I don't actually plan to use the new card. I just don't want it to be lost in the mail somewhere.
  4. Thanks for the info, Willis. The Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa is 5x on gas, with each point counting as 85 cents. So, it's a 4.25% back card. Still better than 3%.
  5. My letter arrived today. I'm not surprised, but it still stinks. What do we "replace" the Barclays Sallie Mae card with? Someone has already mentioned that we can get 5% back on Amazon with their Prime Store Card. I have an American Express Blue Cash Preferred, which gives 6% back on groceries. However, they don't classify Wal-Mart as grocery. Is there a card that gives better than 2% on Wal-Mart? And, is there another card that will give 5% on gas? The Sam's Club Mastercard gives 5% back on gas, but I don't like the fact that rewards are only paid out once per year.
  6. She tripped and fell into a hot hibachi grill at a restaurant on Easter Sunday 2015. She's suing the restaurant.
  7. My January 2016 credit card statement arrived today and there's still no $100 sign-up bonus credit, even though I earned the bonus in August 2015. Two weeks ago, I sent PenFed an electronic message asking about this. I did not receive a reply.
  8. In August 2015, I opened a saving account with PenFed and applied for/received their Promise Visa. At that time, there was a promotion for a $100 statement credit after $1,500 was spent on the Visa. The spend was easy to do. When the $100 did not appear in my October statement, I contacted them and was told to expect it in November because they were waiting until after the offer expired to give out the credits. When the $100 didn't appear in the November statement, I again contacted PenFed and was told that they forgot to add the programming for the $100 credits to the statements and they would be in the December statements. The credit didn't come in December, either. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. I got the cancellation e-mail today, too. In the past two months, the only loads I had made for from an Amex card and I used that money to pay various bills. That was $1,000 max for an entire month.
  10. Newegg.com has $25 Steak 'n Shake gift cards on sale for $20. So, using my Freedom and Visa check out, I got a $25 gift card for $5.
  11. I got a CLI with Discover yesterday, only 32 days have the last increase, which was 85 days since the previous increase. Both of these past two increases have been only for $500, but they did not require 90+ days.
  12. For my Barclays SallieMae mastercard, I requested a credit line increase using the online link. They hard pulled TU. A Barclay rep called to inform me of the increase and "congratulate" me, which was nice but odd.
  13. Awesome backstory! Thank you! I wanted to go to Bama, actually lived down there for a year and went to Tuscaloosa County High as a sophomore. Ended up back in Huntsville and graduated up there. I moved to VA before enrolling in college, took some classes here and went straight to my profession. Not the traditional path but I'm a huge fan and go to at least one game every year, not to mention growing up going to games all the time. As far as the Shorter connection, we have a professional relationship with Luv's Travel Stops in Virginia and they were looking at the property right next to the casino along the interstate. We flew down and met with local community leaders, ADOT and others...to my knowledge nothing has happened on that front either. Thank you for sharing and RTR!!!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk You're welcome! I think that the sports alliances that we form as kids are the strongest. I grew up in North Carolina and have rooted for UNC in basketball since elementary school. I'd still root for UNC over UA or my own alma mater (Purdue)--but only in basketball. I wasn't much of a football fan until I came to UA in 2000. After a few years around here, it's impossible not to be a football fan. Roll Tide!!
  14. Nate, I saw the script A of your avatar. Are you a Bama alumnus? I am a Bama faculty member. Casino gambling is illegal in Alabama. The casino in Shorter, VictoryLand, was one of several in the state that attempted to get around the law using electronic bingo. An electronic bingo machine looks and acts exactly like a slot machine (and is made by the companies that make slot machines) except the random numbers used to indicate wins/losses are generated by electronically pulling numbers for an electronic bingo card. From 2009-2013, the Alabama Attorney General's office conducted a series of raids (and seized machines) to shut down the non-native American electronic bingo casinos on the premise that electronic bingo machines are really slot machines. (The three native American electronic bingo casinos in Alabama were not shut down, which is another aspect of the controversy.) Greenetrack, about 25 miles from UA, was also raided and shut down. This has been tied up in the Alabama courts for over 6 years. This past summer, the state supreme court ruled that the state has to return the seized machines. However, the question as to whether electronic bingo machines are legal in Alabama is still being considered by the courts. In 2010, the owner of VictoryLand and about a dozen other people were arrested on charges that they were involved in a conspiracy to buy and sell votes on a gambling bill before the Alabama Legislature. (The bill did not pass.) They were acquitted of all charges in 2012. It was during this time that the greyhound dog track and the hotel at VictoryLand closed. Greyhound racing is very controversial over cruelty to animals issues and the track is unlikely to ever reopen. However, the electronic bingo casino and hotel are rumored to be reopening soon.
  15. I couldn't get my Amex Blue Cash Preferred to link to my One VIP Serve. I got the "not available..." message. I called Serve and they linked it for me.

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