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  1. Hello, to make a long story short: I received legal services ending in may 2014 and haven't received a bill. can the lawyer still send a valid bill that will needs to be paid? I reside in new york York and the services were in South Dakota. The long story: Two friends and I got into trouble while driving cross country from the east coast in March 2012. Small town native American cops pulled us over while on our way to visit a college friend who was teaching on the Rez. They pulled out the sniff dogs and we were charged with having a small amount of an illegal substance. This would have been a misdemeanor in almost any state but in South Dakota it was recently termed a felony, so we were in serious trouble facing up to 10 years. We were thrown in jail with bail set at $5k. All our parents had to fly out with the cash to get us out. During my 3 nights in this small town jail I was able to get in touch with a local attorney, an older man Mr. X who was in many ways very talented although not a criminal Atty. Our parents paid the bail and got us out and that day we were in court being formally charged and Mr. X got the bail reduced to $0. We went back to the jailhouse and got the refund and then went to his office and parents handed over the money to Mr. X and we all including parents signed an agreement for his services at an hourly rate. Then Mr. X took us to the junkyard where the confiscated car was stowed and he had arranged that we could enter and retrieve our phones and belongings but not the car. Mr X engaged two other attorneys to work with him, one was a criminal Atty and one had a connection with the prosecuting Atty. The three of us went home and one went back to Nebraska after several months to retrieve his car. Mr.X arranged all the logistics including hiring a driver to get the car out of state as he advised it was best if we not be in SD again, since by that time which was June 2012 he had succeeded in getting the charges dismissed and the local law enforcement personnel were not happy about that after all their hard work. We had not received any bill or accounting of charges until July 2012 when he issued the bill for 57k. Part of the bill was for the services of the two other attorneys which were fairly small and seemed reasonable. The bulk was for various time spent by Mr X, mostly phone calls and such. The man was a long talker, he usually had a story to tell so we were paying for all that. We asked him to adjust the bill but he would not, so we split the bill three ways and the parents paid up, one of the parents did not have the money and my friend had to take a loan from his aunt. I have finished repaying my parents. Sometime in 2013 Mr X's wife became ill and this became a distraction to Mr X as he worked to get the matter expunged from the record, which dragged on and was finally accomplished in July 2014. (The judge sent us the expungement papers with a personal note saying "Learn from this :)" which gosh knows I have.) We asked several times during the next couple months for the bill covering the expungement services but have not received it, and there has been no communication with him since, as we did not wish to stir the pot and wind up with another large bill in the mailbox. Now my mother has googled and found out that Mrs X passed away two months ago. So if you made it through all that drama ... Are we still at risk for another bill?
  2. Thanks very much Why Chat. The CA said they will report to CBs only if not paid within 45 days. But your advice is that I pay Pratt directly as a precaution, since I can't rely 100% on what a CA says? And btw thanks for the past, got rid of some old unpaid collections on first attempt and my score shot up.
  3. Thanks to you all I cleansed my credit and bought my first home -- hurray! Anyhow now I get a letter from Carter Business Service that I owe $85 to Pratt associates, date of last service 1/15/2016. Chances are it's legit, and I'm willing to pay. Letter says THIS ACCOUNT WILL BE REPORTED TO THE CREDIT BUREAU IN 45 DAYS IF NOT PAID IN FULL. OUR CLIENT HAS ASKED US TO REPORT TO THE CREDIT BUREAU. (sorry for the all caps but that's a direct quote.) My question is what's the easiest way for me to make this go away -- should I pay Pratt directly or try to pay the OC? The clock is ticking, I have 42 days to act. Thank you CB'ers.
  4. Thanks again and good news: the bank waived my credit score being too low. Hopefully this is the end of the saga and I will close next week !!!
  5. I just found out my MACYS card was closed by credit grantor!! Due to non-use!! Macy's did not let me know, and I only log in about every other month. Not sure how long since I've used it, at least a year. That was my oldest very own open card, opened in 2013. (I have older cards that are closed and/or are AU cards.) I think Macy's accounts were recently taken over by Citi and Citi is well known for closing cards due to non-use. The moral of this story is: USE YOUR MACYS CARD AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR. Even just to buy/return, that's use. The way I found out is that my credit score dropped so I pulled new reports, this happened just when I was about to close my mortgage. Came close to tanking the deal.
  6. Thanks very much trachkids and tobetter credit for your thoughtful replies. The closing date per the P&S is 4/30 but we are trying to close on 4/25 because now the tenants are out. It's been extended a couple times already due to seller issues (like one of the two sellers decided not to sell and wouldn't sign, but he finally did, and then they didn't have the tenants out of one of the units (it's a 3-unit) as of the first scheduled closing on April 1, so I wouldn't close. I need a unit to live in, plus the lender requires that I owner-occupy, so even though they said the tenants were in the process and would be out by 4/15, I didn't want to take the chance, because getting tenants out can be difficult in my state. Now I'm kicking myself for not closing already. The lender is trying to get a waiver on the score issue. And it may be possible to get another extension on the P&S, but maybe the seller would want a fee or maybe not want to if it didn't look like I could really close soon. I have tried attacking the CapOne card several times with no success. Recently contacted the EO but failed, maybe because I tried to pay off the remainder of the written-off amount in exchange for deleting, essentially a PFD, which they refused. They are not showing any lates post Aug 2015. As for other balances, there's the problem. I have been trying to maintain the $2 trick and it worked very well for several months, but currently my cards all have a $0 balance, except one which has a small balance, however that's a card on which I'm an AU and apparently that doesn't work for the $2 trick, much to my dismay. Now I'm making small charges on one or two cards but I will have to wait for the statements to close and for the banks to report, which could take weeks. Is there any way that I can get them to report the balances more quickly, maybe even before the statement closes? J Crew closes on 1st. I also have Navy Fed, State Dept FCU, Barclays, and OpenSkyCapBank, but those close later than the 1st. To compound the matter, Macy's closed my account several weeks ago without even telling me, because I hadn't used it for a year. Although technically "account closed by credit grantor" should not lower my score, maybe having fewer open accounts made a slight ding. The CL was only $600 so that would not affect my utilization percent (I have CL's of 10K and 15K on other cards).
  7. I had a CapOne account with a $900 balance that was charged-off in 2013. CapOne took me to court and got a judgement in their favor but the judge said I did not have to pay it at the time due to having no income. After that they stopped contacting me -- no phone calls, bills, letters, etc. But the account showed on my reports as "Open", "Charge-Off", "Charge-Off as Bad Debt," and "Unpaid Balance reported as a loss by Credit Grantor" and with the $900 balance outstanding. Late payments continued to report every month. Then in July 2015 their attorney contacted me and offered a settlement of 50% which I accepted and paid in August 2015. As a result, the account showed as Closed, Settled in Full, and with a $0 balance. My credit score rose about 20 points which was good of course. However, those late payments from 2013 to August 2015 are still holding my score down. Is it right for them to show late payments occurring after they Charged-Off the account? I am desperate to get a few more points added to my score because I am four points under the threshold I need to close my mortgage, which was supposed to take place in five days (I thought it was a done deal, but it's not) and now will not be closing in five days, if at all. (Somehow my score was a couple points above the mortgage threshold when I applied for the mortgage three months ago, but the lender just pulled again right before closing because the score was over 90 days old, and now the score is too low). Thanks for all your help !!
  8. Actually it's CapitalBANK not CapitalONE. I opened it a year ago. They just charged me the $29 AF and I paid it. I doubt it they'll give it back but I don't really care. The SDFCU account was opened about seven months ago. My average age of accounts is five years; I have quite a few accounts on my reports in addition to the ones I mentioned -- some are closed, and some are AU accounts. Was AAOA the "unintended consequence" that you were thinking of? Anyhow, now that I have the mortgage I don't plan to apply for credit for at least another six months, when I might occasionally app for sign-up bonuses.
  9. Hello, thanks to CB and all the great advice from you folks, I've repaired my credit and met my homebuying goal. Now I'd like to close my two secured cc's to avoid the AF (CapBank) and free my funds (10K at State Department FCU). Re CapBank, I read somewhere that it's tricky to close, but I searched and couldn't find the info, so my question is how to do it? Re SDFCU, my question is whether I should still maintain a bank account with a small balance in order to keep a relationship -- is there anything particularly worthy about them? I have unsecured cc's at NFCU (yes!!), Barclays, Macy's and JCrew, which is enough cards for now. Thanks again everyone, I would not be in this good place without you!!
  10. It sounds like united recovery is functioning as a collection agency regarding this debt, not a JDB. Maybe they have different departments.
  11. You could look into a MassHousing mortgage, although your income is probably too high. Also look into NACA, they have no income limits, however from what I've read they're very slow. The first step is to sign up for an Information session, which you should do now if there's any possibility that you might be interested in their program.
  12. Once it's settled or pif, it no longer affects utilization calculation.
  13. That's specific to the card issuer. Typically, an AU account gets the same OpenedOn date as the original account. AmEx used to have an added twist on that, where an AU would inherit the MemberSince date of their "sponsor", and this would then apply to any AX accounts that the AU later opened on their own. But that went away along with D* Thanks for clarifying.
  14. That's specific to the card issuer. Typically, an AU account gets the same OpenedOn date as the original account. AmEx used to have an added twist on that, where an AU would inherit the MemberSince date of their "sponsor", and this would then apply to any AX accounts that the AU later opened on their own. But that went away along with D*
  15. You may need at least two credit cards to qualify for a mortgage.

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