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  1. I read that the CB's have an extended review process for disputes if it is sourced from free sites
  2. Been one year since my last post. I meant to wait 90 days to purge out my disputing of all 3 CB's and a whole year got away from me. Starting from scratch again and locking in on HIPPA only as my first priority.. Thanks in advance to WHYCHAT.....and I could really use a link to posts in regards to the contact info of Eq, Ex and TU To get started again Please... I prefer ordering reports and paying for them instead of using annual credit report or any other free sites. Thank You
  3. This is gonna hurt us. I recently disputed a judgment and they verified my BK at the same time without a request. Obviously that new system is what they go by and according to the website they don't have to adhere to FCRA
  4. Been thinking about this from time to time because I will be in hopes of deletion in the future. I have come up with a few possible steps that may give the greatest chance of success As we all know "Delete old address's" AS hard as it may be "Dispute the old lenders that have sold your loan" ( even though they may be reporting positive I think these are not gonna help) The tough part comes because all foreclosures are part of the Real estate recorded info, Which is public info and can be gotten online easily This is the start I have come up with I hope others give it a shot and please feel free to chime in any thoughts or successes you may have I need to add an important note::: Disputing and getting deletions of the positive trade lines associated with the home loan if it was sold may actually gain traction in disputing old address's if you choose to keep re attempting that step..
  5. Thanks for the help so far Whychat I have followed your guides and have made good progress. My last deletion came in for my unrecorded judgments. All disputes are in with all 3 and I am ready to work on Repossesion letter. I have all the gathered info ready I need to clarify the process. Initial dispute with all 3 CRA's... Need to know if I dispute with the OC at the same time as well or wait for the CRA'S to report back? THANKS AGAIN
  6. Thanks Whychat... It actually was already reporting I used the judgment letter. My guess is they did a check on public records as a whole hence a BK update. I did get the Judgment off. That's Huge Thank You...
  7. I will probably ask Whychat. I figured this topic best in this section first. My guess is this is an Unintended consequence
  8. This undermines my dispute process, I did not dispute the BK. I would have like too at some point. I am hoping there may be some recourse.
  9. I have been using the whychat methods to fix my reports. Started with deleting old addresses I have made the most progress with T.U so I recently sent in my dispute of a judgment that was not a recorded judgment. It came back deleted HOWEVER They verified my BK I did not dispute the Bk but they did it anyway. I have not read anything in the forums that this has happened to anyone else. I am not too thrilled that they took it upon themselves to add this to the dispute. I am figuring that my best approach may be to ask them how this was verified??? As I am frozen on LN and Innovis Any direction from those that may have had this situation would be appreciated
  10. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=539976&p=5213049 This OP is looking for the same thing. Hoping to put some Bumpage into it.
  11. From the Jack Attack threads all the way to case law. The core of credit repair is removing baddies and getting deletions.
  12. This post is from a few months back but I thought it still worth revisiting. There has been recent activity with B.O.A loans at which the company has agreed to remove negative info from a lot of accounts. Never believe for one minute you have to wait 7 years for an account to fall off.... The whole premise of Credit boards is that "Deletions can Happen"

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