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  1. There have been threads about this before, including one I started in late last November when this first started happening-about CCT "Upgrading" accounts to a new Experian product (absolute bulls***). Not only does their new product cost more, it delivers much, much less...-but it worked fine as-was monthly for the last few years before the "upgrade"... Now the CCT $1 trial is totally dead. Oh, well.. Philosophically speaking: if they are going to make bank collecting and selling my demographic information and scoring me; then they owe me a cut of those profits, along with my scores!! Would be nice anyway... Rant over.
  2. I have had this service for the last 3 years, 24.99 per month for daily pulls on all 3 bureaus. Today I could log in, I called and was told I was "upgraded" to their new platform. The monthly charge is the same, but instead of daily pulls on all 3, it is now only once every 90 days. Pay the same but now get less!! Also, the new layout is horrible!! Anyone else been "upgraded" to? How do you go back to the old system? If you can't, where else do they provide daily reports and scores for all 3 bureaus?
  3. I received my Chex report last week, no negative information. As far as inquiries, a credit union that I applied to last May ran three inquires, is that excessive? There were also inquires from Clarity; who/what are they? They did reference loan/credit line account solicitations I received by mail that I responded to online; and stated that checking rates/terms would not affect credit score. Why would they be looking at my Chex record, let alone be reporting to it???
  4. I was under the impression that databases like Chex just kept information on those who have had their accounts closed by a bank for cause; excessive overdrafts, possible fraud, or owing the bank as a result of such. If one was listed this database, no new account for 5 to 7 years. If one isn't listed there then no worries. Been there and did my time (negative balances), but luckily there were other alternatives then. So Chex is now following *everyone* around and tracking all banking history on them regardless of positive/negative entries?? One can have a clean report with no derogatory deposit account history, yet still be declined for an account for other reasons that are not all that transparent?? Perhaps I don't want to open that account after all...
  5. I just applied online at a bank with a large presence, and I have two credit cards with them which have always been in good standing; one opened in 2014, the other 2 years ago. Before that I had opened a secured card with them in 2011 and closed it in good standing 3 years later. Application for the checking account was declined due to information from ChexSystems ( I last ordered my report last spring and it was clean with no negative bank entries; and it has been clean for almost the last 3 to 4 years). Later I received an email from the bank which listed their reasons for the denial based on information from Chex. The reasons had nothing to do with overdrafts or fraud; but also referred to a score in the 520 range. Can anyone explain or shed light on these reasons? What would be the best way to resolve them? TIME SINCE NON-DDA INQUIRY ACTIVITY-I opened a local CU account last spring, which I am in the process of closing, before that I opened another CU account last November. CURRENT ADDRESS CHANGE HISTORY-I moved two years ago, before that I was at the previous address for 8 years. NO EVIDENCE OF ASSET OWNERSHIP-I don't own a home, don't drive so no car, but I have brokerage and retirement accounts so I don't get this. NON-DDA INQUIRY OR RETAIL ITEM HISTORY-??? I haven't written a paper check in 7-8 years; I either pay with cash, card, or ACH, and have not had any of these returned. Of course I went to the CS site and ordered a new disclosure. In 2015, after the last of the negatives fell off, I opened checking and savings online with US and have had no issues since. I also have deposit accounts with Fidelity (opened 10 years ago and survived through a negative report), PenFed opened almost 2 years ago, E-Trade (inactive but opened around the same time as Fidelity and also survived a bad report), and two other CUs opened within the last year (One approved me for a loan in the 5 figures last summer, and the other I am closing). Just Strange......
  6. Denied for both PayPal MC and Amazon store card; 7-10 day letter to follow. I also have Care Credit, but from what I understand CLIs are always a hard pull on that card so I didn't try there. FICO 08 score of 634 on TU; 120 day late and paid CO from 2012 to drop off next year.
  7. Several years ago, when I wasn't using credit cards, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and they would not even accept cash for a deposit!!; even though the room was already pre-paid in full online. I was traveling out of state and trying not to have my checking account funds put on hold; and use cash and get the deposit back the next morning. They were having none of this and insisted on a deposit by credit/debit card. I ended up using my checking debit card, and it was not one of the cards on the above list. At the very least, get a secured credit card for these types of expenses!
  8. Clerks at Rite-Aid (Walgreens) keep asking for a Plenti card. What's the point?-it just slows down the already slow checkout line...
  9. Do the CRAs report it as a brand new account, or do they backdate to when the account was opened? What if there is a balance showing? Like others, I got a letter stating my account is being transferred from Comenity to Synchrony. APR is going up too...
  10. 10 years after a CO with Amex (not BK) under $5000 I am still on their blacklist. Upside, no hard credit pull. (It is April fools day after all when I applied ) Had a CO with Chase also from around the same time, it was paid. I appear to be off their blacklist, but denied for too many new accounts (5/24 rule). Just as well... Don't give a f about Barclay or BofA. Cap 1 is very forgiving. Surprisingly so is Citi. I'll just stick to managing what I have for now.
  11. I have a Synchrony account in which I ran up the balance during the month, and then made a large payment early on the day (well before 5pm) the statement was to cycle; the minimum being made earlier before due date. The next day the account still reflected the payment was pending though the available credit reflected the amount of the payment the day before added in. But when the statement cut the balance reported didn't include the payment made the same day before, and a finance charge put the reporting balance slightly over the limit. It wasn't until the second day after the payment was made that it was no longer showing as pending. Also; I've since received an alert from CCT about an account reporting overlimit and my EX score went down by 15 points because of this (EQ by 8 and TU down by 6). This score will go back up in time, but for EX, ouch! My other accounts post payments as final made the same day before 5pm. Is the above unique to Synchrony? Best to pay them 2 or more days early before the statement cuts in terms of balance reporting??
  12. From what I understand, the makeup of the number itself not only determines the state where the number was issued, but also the year in which it was issued. For example, if a credit application had a SSN which indicated it was issued after, say 2001, (the person currently would be under 18 and unable to enter into a legal contract); wouldn't that raise red flags with the creditor, if not the CRAs?
  13. Never dealt with Rooms2Go. Compared to the terms I was offered, OneMain does not seem all that bad.. I applied as a bridge loan in case of a possible industry "slowdown"; -and to be short term. They "offered" *alot* more than I would have asked for; but if they are offering why not and pay off some cards?.. Glad I walked away!!
  14. Last week I was approved and funded the same day for a $6k loan. The monthly payments seemed decent, if a little large; but something I could also pay off early later on. Upon reading the final disclosures emailed that evening I saw that those are bi-weekly payments-not monthly!-so I would be paying from anywhere close to $500 to $750 each month! After the first year well over the principal amount would have been paid for, yet I would still be on the hook for another two years of the same payments... Or to put it the other way; the first two years of payments would be going mostly to interest and the final year paying off the loan. So if paid to term over $18k for a $6k loan!! Definitely not a good deal to say the least and I cancelled it the next morning, and they took it right back out of my account same day. Good riddance before I got *really* involved with them!!! I get frequent solicitations from this company and the way they described themselves they seemed similar to Lending Club, but not quite as stringent (I have decent credit but scores not quite high enough to qualify for that lender at this time). Anyway, be careful!; net credit may not be helpful for overall net credit........
  15. Do I have a chance at successfully disputing and getting removed a settled account from 4 years ago? At that time I read that Cache was quick to sue, and they offered a good settlement offer, so I took it. Original creditor was HSBC, which is not on my report. They are one a just a couple of dings still left but seems to still have a big impact-EQ is still listing it as an open collection with a $0 balance; and is considered a major derog on TU with a $0 balance. I read that Cache filed for BK last spring. Would that help in disputing or would it just come back as verified by who took them over; and tanking my score further as a "recent" derog? I want to avoid that of course. Worth disputing or let it age off in a couple of years? If disputing, which would be the best way to go? Thanks.

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