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  1. They are called Guidewell now in the state of Maryland. My husband is using them. They are helpful for DMP.
  2. Ok sooo I applied a month ago using the OP process but went to a branch in my area. The employee advised that they could not open an account in the branch using the Navy League membership, and she had to fax all docs over to the membership dept. I had DL, Navy League docs and application. I had to make her take a copy of my DL! Everything was sent successfully and copies given to me. Three weeks of nothing so I decided to call. CSR was super nice, said my application was received and they still needed a copy of my utility bill or bank statement. I was confused because no contact was made to advise me but anyway I sent in my cable/internet bill. Wait another week, nothing. I call back and they said they received it but they needed a WATER BILL or bank statement. REALLY? So, I send them my bank statement. I still am not receiving any correspondence via email, snail mail, phone etc. I call back 3 days later, they said they did not receive the bank statement yet and to give it a week. Yesterday, all my credit alerts are going off notifying me that my TU credit report was pulled and sure enough it was NFCU! Today, I missed a call and was left a welcome message by my account rep. I called back and told her I had received NO info during this long process and she says, "Oh it's because we don't have an email on file for you." WOW What happened to the email address i listed on the application? Anyway, I'm in and set up and even opened a CAMPUS account for my 17 year old while I was on the phone. Whew! This was certainly the most difficulty I've ever had opening an account but i think it will be worth it. I got approved for a loan already. LOL Thanks CB
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