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  1. Ah so when they say Luv Button they mean Credit Line Increase link. Thank you!
  2. I'm not seeing the button when I log in. Is it on the App or should it be visible on Desktop? I've tried Safari and Chrome . Nothing.
  3. VS should not have been closed. It will continually grow. And the Overstock should have remained open for the time being until better cards had been approved and reporting. The OP now has under 5 revolvers open, which is a detriment to their FICO scores. Good to know Conrad! Luckily I got a Chase Freedom Unlimited in the mail that I accepted so now my cards as follows: Chase Slate American Express Discover Target (forgot about this card when I listed it's a zero balance and I rarely use it) And the new Chase Freedom Visa (3000 limit) rounds out my wallet to 5 cards.
  4. Thank you Poppa! Yes they are big turds but I have to also be a little grateful because even with their lil' Pirate ways, it helped me build credit. I'm not a big spender so I always utilized the cards sparingly which probably helped. I'm so happy to see my score and wallet fill up with better cards and status.
  5. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH Zanshiro ! your advice has been so incredible. Even closing those toy cards have helped my profile and the hit on my score is worth it.
  7. Had a Progressive Account briefly to pay for a nice $2134 bedroom set when I moved into my apartment. Paid it off in 88 days approximately (just under the gun) with tutoring/work funds/tax refund cash. People have to read the fine print in those contracts. Had I not settled the account in the 90-day window, it would've been a total of almost $4400 paid over a year to settle it. Common sense isn't common these days..... Exactly. I was in a similar situation where I knew I would pay this off within the 90. I also had a really great sales person who kept stressing paying this off in 90days or else I'll regret it. The Devil is always in the Details and I believe most folks have the same mindset John Steinbeck accused us having... "The American poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." John Steinbeck
  8. Good lord, I am NOT shocked in the slightest. I remember I had a Progressive Rent to own account 2 years ago but I was never late and paid my accounts off within the 90 day warning so I didn't have to pay Chocolate Goodness flowers interest. I always tell people on the Progressive Facebook page, DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNTS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INCOME TO PAY.
  9. This is great advice. I was advised on this board to close my toy cards which I'm rather glad I did. I also had two subprime cards that needed closin'!
  10. Yes I was zeroed out and made sure that no remaining annual fees would come back to bite me. Thank you again for all this advice.
  11. Awesome advice Zanshiro! I'll definitely do that. I closed out my cards you recc'ed for closing. I feel so much relief having Credit One and First Premier off of my fanny. Thank you thank you!! <3
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ZANSHIRO! I appreciate the advise. No, the department store cards like Overstock, Victoria's secret and Fingerhut have no rewards. I will close all these out today. I just didn't know if I should do that. I'm sending more letters out today for the Cable bill with LVNV but it's being super stubborn. I have the Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card. Cashback rewards and standard Membership benefits. I don't see any travel rewards on this program but I could be wrong. Discover is almost the same. Cashback rewards but I'm not seeing anything with Travel yet. THANK YOU !!! <3
  13. I have Amex - 500 credit limit 00 balance (New card) Discover - 2000 credit limit. 00.00 balance (new card) Chase Slate - 1000 credit limit - 100.00 balance Credit One Bank - 300 credit limit - 00.00 balance First Premier - 400 credit limit - 00.00 balance Overstock - 500 credit limit - 50.00 balance Victoria's Secret - 500 credit limit- 00.00 balanc Fingerhut - 1500 credit limit - 00.00 balance My FICO is 8 with 699 Experian Score / 690 Transunion/ 687 Equifax Thank you! Ooops and the baddie I currently have is this STUBBORN collection from LVNV 407.00 Collection (Cable bill)
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