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  1. Thanks for mentioning this. I opened my card beginning of June and just checked- auto CLI for another $200. Not much, but I'll take it. I have a small balance that I financed for some textbooks about 2 weeks ago.
  2. I've had my card since 2005. It started at $500 and then dropped to $200 because I wasn't using it. It's sat at $200 for probably 7 years. I have no issues with the debit card- as long as I get my 5%, I'm happy.
  3. Okay, I finally was able to track down some information (after 6 different people at United told me I was out of luck, but would I like to enroll again?) There are two medical debts on my credit: the one I've been talking about (June 2013) and then an ER visit from later that year (November 2013) First one: on my reports for $3850. Received my EOB and claim was 100% denied for being out of network and $0 was paid. However, it's showing as only being $3000 (5 days at $600 each). So I'm not sure where the $3850 came from. Second one: reporting with 3 providers- $106 (doctor), $30 (doctor), $169 (ER- says high balance $845, but shows as 169?).I can't seem to make sense of the EOB on this one. Total was $9071.38, less deductible $2248.59, allowable amount at 80% 2649.96, plan benefit amount $2119.96, amount paid $2119.96 and provider may bill you $2778.59...uhm, what? Under amounts billed, there is nothing in the amount of $106 or $30 for the doctors, nor do I see where the $169 is coming from.
  4. OP, I feel your pain. I wish I could go back and slap my college self for getting into so much crippling debt. I promise you it's definitely possible to start tackling the debt- with lots of sacrifice and discipline. I had to start with minimum payments plus an extra $10- that's all I could do. As long as you don't use the cards, it will go down. But I'm sure it feels suffocating at this point. Is there anything you can sell to help raise funds? I hate to admit it, but I sold plasma for almost a year and got about $200/month. Hang in there. You've definitely come to the right place.
  5. So, I got additional information from the insurance company. The $3850 was the full billing amount (flat fee per day) because it was out of network. I had to go to that facility because I worked at the only option that was in network- obvious conflict of interest. So I should continue with initial dispute letters for each CRA, correct? I am beyond terrified of being sued- the 2 year mark is this month!
  6. I don't regret any, but I wish I had planned better. I got overly excited that I wasn't getting turned down for everything that I ended up applying for everything. Like others, it's just so great to see "You're approved" or "Congratulations" after years of denials and applying because I didn't have my spending under control. So getting approved now when I have some self control? That's pretty awesome. I've had the same BOA card for 12 years and they won't give me a CLI and I wish I had the willpower to wait for another non-store card to approve me. I'm still working on my masters and in a field where I'll probably never see a high income, so I'm okay with having cards around like Care Credit...just in case.
  7. Thank you so much- I knew I was being slightly paranoid! I've already opted out and my MIB didn't contain anything. My address is the same since date of service...so if that's the case, I can't dispute anything, correct? My insurance has changed since all this happened (this was June 2013 and company insurance changed December 2013), but they charged a flat rate for each day, which is the $3850. I don't think I have any paperwork from that insurance company with any EOMBs.
  8. I've been lurking around CB for months and you all have been a huge help on my other debt, but I'm at a bit of loss right now with some medical debt. Back in 2013, I ended up at a mental health facility for a few days. I refused to sign ANY paperwork while I was there and they ended up billing my insurance anyways (no idea how) and I got a bill for $3850. I called to try and set up a payment plan, but it was denied because I used my insurance. I was hung up on multiple times when I said I had not authorized them to bill my insurance and was basically told there was nothing they could do at that point. It bothers me because I worked (and still work) in the mental health field and would have preferred to keep this matter private. Fast forward to now and finally getting my reports cleaned up. I know it's a legit charge, but it worries me that the name of the hospital is listed and is well known in this area for psych services. It might be paranoia, but I'm heading into licensure after my masters and applying for new jobs and I am terrified this will come up and exclude me, since I do work in the field. (there is definite truth that those who end up in the field do so for a reason!) Is there anything I can do? I don't have the money to pay the entire amount, so it feels like nothing applies. I would theoretically be okay with it rotting on my report until 2020 (eek) if it just didn't list the name of the provider.

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