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  1. For loans they require at least a 680 TU score and 40% DTI
  2. So does anyone have a recon number?
  3. Corporate America overturned their decision! Recon works!
  4. What number did you call for the recon?
  5. Any more recon success stories?
  6. Did you apply for a recon? Any results?
  7. Any other advice besides sofi? I don't qualify being in TN
  8. Did this letter work by any chance?
  9. Youre right. I'm going to have to bite the bullet with the dealer. Thanks guys for all the input
  10. Td bank for Nordstroms. Ill look for Bloomingdale's. Thanks
  11. Anyone have a backdoor number for Nordstroms or Bloomingdale's?
  12. What report do they pull for the initial app? Im seeing all reports in the Credit pulls database.....

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