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  1. isn't there a pinned topic on this already?
  2. I looked at that site too; is it real hard copies from each CRA, cause it looks like one of those combined reports that you can already one time buy @ EX. which may be Ok for monitoring, but can you use it for disputes?
  3. That too, but it was driven by the buyers' expectation that house prices would keep rising so foreclosures couldn't lose money. And something called a "default swap", which you'd have to be pretty deep into the bubble for that to make any sense. I'm not sure that it was just the buyers expectations; It's what many folks were lead to believe, and talked into taking out the adjustable rate mortgage so they could afford a larger home and then the houses were overvalued by appraisers with kick back schemes to the broker so they would all get a higher commission.
  4. have you re Have you received any collection letters or calls from PRA? if they are reporting, and you have copies of your reports, they certainly have access to your current address what state are you in ?
  5. A cat for snakes? We had lots of barn cats growing up on the farm, I don't remember any of them with a snake kill course there were so many mice rabbits and birds, they probably wouldn't bother ?
  6. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against Residential Credit Solutions, Inc. for blocking consumers’ attempts to save their homes from foreclosure. The mortgage servicer failed to honor modifications for loans transferred from other servicers, treated consumers as if they were in default when they weren’t, sent consumers escrow statements falsely claiming they were due a refund, and forced consumers to waive their rights in order to get a repayment plan. Residential Credit Solutions has agreed to pay $1.5 million in restitution to victims and a $100,000 civil money penalty for its illegal actions. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-takes-action-against-mortgage-company-for-blocking-consumers-attempts-to-save-their-homes/
  7. any other ideas regarding "another way" . Thanks. ask the Mods to move this over to the military credit or student loan forum here on CB; folks on those forums have specific experiance in dealing with your son's issues. & he should join CB. regardless of when the lates occurred, SCRA applies to the loan and interest rate charged while on active duty your best resource is those forums and the CFPB on military credit http://www.consumerfinance.gov/servicemembers/
  8. have you tried disputing it as obsolete?
  9. how long ago was the DOFD on the Novea / citibank account ? if the citi account dropped off because of the 7 year limit, it's been reaged which is illegal your parents need to send PRA a cease all communication letter , and file a complaint with the DLLR about it . if they have a computer, you can do this for them.
  10. the complaint center had started real well, then changed managers and hired more folks - typical.
  11. You need to respond with a request for more information; like the last 4 digits of the SS# associated with the account, and denying that you've ever had an account with thier client. FDCPA validation not only consists of the amount owed and the lender, they also have to verify that they are contacting the right person - if you don't respond, they can assume that the debt is yours and report it to the CRA's you also want to make sure this isn't ID theft related - if they come back with your SS#, then you send a FACTA letter
  12. has DRS stated whom their client is, or whether they own the debt? DRS probably hired dominion send a FOAD letter to the attn of their "Compliance officer" - tell them to " Cease all communications including indirect communications thru Third Parties " provide copies of the previous FOAD letters state you're going to turn this over to an attorney for review and legal action, and that you've kept a phone log.

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