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  1. Ive seen a few articles lately regarding AdvantageScore. Can anyone give me a cliffs notes or lay-mens version?
  2. Thank you! I did not realize the difference.
  3. I received a letter from "Sheffield" stating that the investigated dispute has "determined that based on the information you provided and a review of our records, the account is correct as reported and it is up to bureaus to decide when to remove from your file". Date of last report: 2/2012 Status: Closed I live in Florida and I believe this is past statue of limitations. Any advice?
  4. I started the process about two years ago. I have opted out and I subscribe to experian monthly reporting, so I get alerts if something new hits report (including inquiries). But to be safe I went and checked. Nothing so far. But I will continue to monitor. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  5. No, Sir, I did not. But she had all my info. I did not confirm anything. Really caught me off guard.
  6. I felt the same way. I've never experienced such a sneaky "attack" by JDB's.
  7. I just received a "courtesy call" that I will be summoned to appear in court for a $1000.00 medical debt. This is how the phone call went: Is this Tami (she addressed me by my maiden name) Yes it is. (it was a no caller id # and I though it was my daughter calling from school) This is Collier County calling with a courtesy call to let you know you will be receiving mail tomorrow regarding a civil matter. A civil matter? For What? I've never been involved in any sort of civil matter and have never been sued. Well, I don't know the case information, I'm just a courtesy caller. How do I find out what the civil matter is regarding? (she gives me a doc #) Can I look up tis doc # at (my local govt webpage) I doubt it, it's not even on the calendar with a set court date yet. Who is Ramond (same last name as my maiden name). Thats my uncle who I haven't spoken to in 20 years. (she proceeds to feed some lines about it could be the name is wrong....etc) and gives me the # of the firm who is suing me. ***i called the # Can I get some info on said doc #? (lady verifies last 4 digits of ssn and rattles off two of my current addresses and another address I have no idea what it is) The $1k bill from the hospital won't be the only fee. Court fees and lawyer fees can run up to $10k. For a civil matter? Isn't this past statue of limitations? (since its supposedly from 2007) They didn't report as delinquent until 2012. It now dawns on me that it might be a debt collector since she immediately knew the supposed reported delinquent date. Since when does a summons person give a "courtesy call" to serve one with court papers? If this is a debt collector, they have found a whole new way to get people to send money. Any advice?
  8. I've already done the goodwill letters. I feel I've hit a brick wall.
  9. Thank you for clarifying. I did not realize that. Any advice on getting these two tradelines removed? I have followed the guidelines. Ive been hard at work at this for over a year. Ive had 40+ tradelines deleted between me and my husband. But these two are fighting me tooth and nail.
  10. According to WhyChat's page, it states each state has their own statue of limitation guidelines. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  11. My apologies on incorrect verbage. Both accounts are pas SOL (florida) and they are Trade Lines on my Credit Report.
  12. I have two accounts that are paid. They are destroying my credit and I'm trying to buy a house. Both accounts have been validated and I'm not disputing their validity. Just want them gone. Huntington National (auto loan) Opened: 3/8/07 Date of last payment: 12/13 Date Closed: 12/13 1 - 30 day late in 2008 2- 30 day late in 2012 1 - 30 day late in 2013 Sheffield Financial - BB&T was OC (bbt is no longer on report, sheffield "assumed" the trade line. Date Opened: 8/24/07 Date of Last Payment: 1/30/12 Date Closed: 1/30/12 1- 120 days late in 2008 I have written both Huntington and Sheffield and all I got was a letter validating the account. Well, duh! I also disputed with CRA's. Got "iffy" responses from them. Please advise. Thank you so much!
  13. Kimbamichelle (i don't know how to reply to your post) What "other" SOL medical dispute are you suggesting? I can't find one. Thank you
  14. I did not know that. I will look to see when they should be aging off. The creditor is Sheffield (an old BBT) account.

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