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  1. By far my largest limit Nfcu cashRewards 24k Nfcu Cloc 15k not​ bad considering all I have is a Cap1 QS with a $9900 limit and a couple collections on my report Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. Ok cool I'll work on that and hopefully I report back with some good news Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. I haven't Dved them yet wasn't sure if that was the right approach at this stage Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. JayinHouston


  5. First off I don't post much I try to read and search as much as possible so that way I'm not asking a repeated question with that said I'm sure I'm asking a question that's probably been repeated but anyway I have two collections left that I'm trying to figure out how to take care of AD ASTRA RECOVERY SERVICE Balance of $657 Original Creditor is SpeedyCash (Yes I know worst decision of my life) Due to fall off on 6/2018 Chartway FCU Balance of 1,302 Was for a car that was repossessed in 2011 Due to fall of on 7/2018 Basically 2011 was a bad year but either way both of these are valid they're my debts I was able to close on a new home a couple weeks ago with this on my report no problem however I'd like to buy a new car in a couple months my question is how can I get rid of these last two my Fico scores are EQ671, EX649, and TU658 so definitely not great I have the money to pay them both off no problem but don't want to do that unless I can have them permanently removed. So if anyone has an idea of how I can do this I'm all ears thanks in advance for any help
  6. JayinHouston


  7. I had two chexsystems entries one was 4 years old the other was 4 and a half years old and surprisingly got a checking and saving account through Penfed with a $5 donation Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
  8. I definitely will just in case thanks you Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
  9. I've been lurking for years even once I registered I've done much more reading than posting but I have to say thank you to any and everybody who may read this but to the task at hand pertaining to this I'm on Chexsystems for two entries a BOA account for $950.00 from November 2010 and a Chartway FCU account for 650 in May 2011 literally I've been attempting for the last couple years to get around Chexsystems to get back into a credit union well on a whim I applied for Penfed and was approved for a checking and savings so hopefully someone who's been in my situation and have been turned down numerous times will know to give Penfed a try
  10. Wow I'm around those same numbers with my Fico scores and I was just approved for a quicksilver card yesterday I might need to try a mini app spree myself
  11. Heard about this site a couple years ago been lurking here and there but recently got serious about trying to get my credit right so I'm out the shadows

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