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  1. Just got my Experian results to day...Judgment DELETED!!!! Thanks CB!
  2. Thanks for this lead! Sharing is Caring! I'll post my results when I get them.
  3. Yes. So far: Lexis Nexus ARS SageStream Innovis Optoutprescreen All of the above are opted out and/or frozen. As I discover more (due to the help of this forum and searching), I will freeze/opt out of those as well. I also keep my EX,TU and EQ frozen until I know I'm going to app for something. Then, I use the credit pulls database and only unfreeze what the research shows me I will need. Should they decline and request a second, I will unfreeze the second at that time. All of this information I have learned by reading this forum (and posts like yours). I may be applying it my own way, but the knowledge was gleaned by doing more reading that posting. I have been working my credit repair for a few years now and have only posted 2x. And that is only because I'm near the end of my repair journey (clean reports minus BK on EX). Yesssss thank you for that list of PR! I was able to get EQ BK ch 7 deleted over a year ago but I didn't freeze LN. I will definitely freeze these sources plus LN and try round 2 on Experian and TransUnion.
  4. I had an account with Comcast that went to a collection agency that was showing on my reports. I contacted the OC Comcast and asked if I could pay them directly and if they could send me a confirmation email. Comcast agreed and I payed and they sent me the confirmation email. I then sent this to the collection agency and the CB along with a dispute letter. Since the Creditor on my account wasn't Comcast but the collection agency and I payed and showed proof that I payed Comcast directly, the account was deleted from report! I don't know if that will work all of the time but it worked out in my favor.
  5. Yes he has to join...that would identify him as your sponsor but he has to me a member.

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