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  1. not so depending on use and how you use it. That being said " Fingerhut" and any card underwritten by Webank is the devil! stay away those at all cost!
  2. I applied to 2 catalog credit companies did not know they were related , one had denied me. Call rep , rep would tell me why order was cancel after approval. Mason, stoneberry, massey, j. jordfan. All connected to each other. one credit line for all 4 . hope this helps others.
  3. PLease keeps us updated and give feedback on your experience. thanks!😉
  4. AGFED has improved over ther year from this list that is the best option. no credit check secured credit card. no credit personal loan $1500 to 2k, after 1 year of membership in good standing. they work with anyone as long as you are employed. hope this helps.
  5. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/credit-reports-exclude-certain-negative-223300291.html Many tax liens and civil judgments soon will be taken off people’s credit reports, the latest move to omit negative information from the powerful financial scorecards. The decision by the three major credit-reporting firms—Equifax Inc., Experian PLC and TransUnion—could help boost credit scores for millions of U.S. consumers, but could pose risks for lenders. The reports and scores often help decide how much consumers can borrow for a new house or car as well as determine their credit-card spending lim
  6. I would not call 620 conservative . less about the score and more about the underwriting saving STAR IS NO LOGER IN IN USE*
  7. ok here is an update. hopeful it will help someone else from list: For discover I went the secured route $500 FOr USAA they they change application guidelines for capital one QS1: approved 1k Amazon Prime approved $800 Fuel reward letter Barclays Denial all other discontinued from site. so I guess that it for now. not much out there
  8. Congrats! You can add more $... read the 1st post. can you add money without, another hard credit pull? P.S>received my card today
  9. I was bored. didn't know what I wanted with my next step, I kinda put everything on hold. So I put in application online for $500. It less then 12 hours for me to complete the whole process or verify and approval. Card is on the way as told by the verification rep. I cant believe the process went so easy. I am stock. I expected a nightmare. But , I guess they worked out the issues. So I am happy to build a relationship with them. just sorry. I didn't add more money for starting credit limit.
  10. This is not true. there was changes to there website and products. I put in an escalation ticket to their credit department. got a call back from the department. original they had product for both full military and their family. they did change some of this, but, are allow to grandfather in. after phone call, I was able to log in online applications again. Also changes the banks make you request in writing , any changes made to your eligibility like I did. their visa classic is no longer there when I long into my accounts. this why, now I am trying to find out what is the best entry product.
  11. I am a member at USAA, and they have updated their credit product line recently. Does anyone know out of their new products what would be their entry level credit card/easier one to be approved for?
  12. Business side of credit. I am preceding slow this time around. My personal, I have worked on diligently on negatives.at this point, it is just time of new accounts. I have not had and revolvers for years. So time is my biggest problem, but, I have been patient.
  13. with Discover I was think the same thing. if , I get denied, I will go for secured card for sure. I have been with USAA for years. Now I want to get one of their card products. Barclays, I know they want your new accounts over 12 months. cap 1 doesn't do the 2 cards at once anymore , so that sucks. AAmazon I buy a lot a things for my business. Fuels rewards Master card, a friend of mine got it with a low fico , 1K limit.
  14. I thought about it, but I'm pretty satisfied with the accounts I already have. I still have the bank who reported me to Chex, and they've been really good to me, plus USAA has been amazing, and now I have Navy. The entry will fall off in two years. USAA is still good. sdcu, they went down hill. Navy is on my list
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