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  1. Closed Sallie Mae. Move CL to HA. Closed Marriott consumer just after anniversary night posted. Move CL to C$R.
  2. Remember to sign it up and get your airline credit when it gets in before the year is up.Thanks mec. Yes, that's why I timed it this way.
  3. Amex Bit Pt. 100k Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  4. BofA Alaska both consumer and business. 30k miles each. EX frozen. Pulled TU.
  5. The credit posts the same time that the charge goes from pending to posted for me.+1
  6. You can get the AF on the 2% Spark waived after the first year.
  7. Approvals in the last 3 weeks. Amex Delta Biz Pt 70k Amex Delta 70k Ink Plus 70k Fairmont C$R Soft CLIs in the past few days. Citi HHonors +$3600 Citi DC +$3600 Disco +$3600 Increase of $40k in total credit.
  8. Ahh. Cool. Didn't know that. I don't pay much attention to them since I froze them.
  9. FTFY @ hegemony Who is the 4th CRA? If EQ, for example, initiates a fraud alert, they notify EX and TU...the other TWO.
  10. After 3 months of denials (not enough experience with the current limit) (we need an acronym for that), I got a $3600 increase.
  11. If one CRA puts a temp fraud alert, they notify the other two and the alert is on all three. IT IS NO BIG DEAL. You can still apply for new credit. You will just have to go through an extra step in identifying your identity. I have had the same experience. In July I disputed something with EX. They put a FA on my CR and notified the other two. For 3 months I couldn't get an auto approval. I had to call and verify I was the one who app'd. I have 5 new trade lines during that time. Get off the ledge and carry on as usual.
  12. @Boing. Have you disputed anything recently on your credit reports? Doing so can trigger a temporary 90 day fraud alert. Nothing to worry about.
  13. I used my certs at HR Maui, then points for the rest of the week stay. Got an oceanfront suite (Diamond status via matching) on the Regency Club floor.
  14. I'm closing too. I don't like that you can't spend you way to the highest elite status. I stay at Hyatts often but not enough to to earn Diamond or whatever the new level names are.
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