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  1. I have a bank reporting on Chex, it's due to fall off on July 16th. I need to open a joint account with my husband in the next few weeks. Do you know if Chex will remove a month early if I contact them? Also, I have another one reporting a small balance that I'm going to pay off, but it says the closure status is unknown but it does show a charged off amount. Thanks for any help you may have.
  2. Hello Everyone- I am not currently looking to make any major purchase, like a home or new car. What I would like to know is if it is better to make on time payments on my credit cards, or pay them down to 30% or less? Which way is better to improve my scores? Thanks- KEY 15
  3. Hello Everyone- I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. Unfortunately I just had a 30 day late on my car payment and my score dropped 56 points on TU. Does anyone know how many points your score goes up when your payment is on time? Thanks
  4. UPDATE: I disputed these with TU as "no contract" and they were deleted from my report.
  5. Can someone explain what freezing ChexSystems does and the purpose for doing it? I tried to dispute my Chex report and they didn't remove anything. They basically said the information they are reporting is correct. Thanks in advance!
  6. I wanted to share a tip that worked for me to get some collections deleted from my credit report. So far, I have only heard back from TU. Still waiting for EQ to reply and I am in the process of doing the same with EXP. I had read on Credit Karma that you can dispute third party collections as "no contract", since technically you do not have a contract with the collection agency. I disputed three collections on my TU report this way and all three were removed. My score jumped 21 points after they were removed. Hopefully I will have the same results with EQ and EXP. I will update once I hear back from them. I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any success.
  7. Kat58, what do you mean by not enough info?
  8. MrsCHX, no particular reason on Capitol one. Just one I saw when I was researching secured cards.
  9. Hi Everyone- I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and was recently approved for an unsecured card with a $300 limit. Woot Woot!! LOL! Anyway, I want to use it so I can boost my scores. Any suggestions on how I should use it? Max it out and pay each month? Use only a certain percentage and pay each month? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info. It has been over 3 years. What should I say in my dispute letter?
  11. I applied for the Capital One secured card in December 2016 and was denied. How long should I wait before applying again? How many points will my score go down if I do apply again? Thanks In Advance!! KEY
  12. I have 2 returned checks from a few years ago that a collection agency is collecting on. How long can they report it? I want to dispute them, since I have no recollection of the checks. How would I word a letter to the CRA's to dispute these? Thanks!
  13. KEY15


    No, the new CA that is reporting this debt has not sent a letter. Should I send the DV letter to them to the address for them listed on the credit report?
  14. KEY15


    HELP!!! I disputed a medical account with EQ and it was deleted then showed up again with a different CA. I sent the reinsertion letter to EQ and they replied back that this was previously disputed and it remained on my report. What is my next move?

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