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  1. That Uber doesn't sound bad, better than some of my other CC. For this trip I think the Citi Premier might be the way to go. I can hit the SUB then cancel at end of trial. That might prove useful.
  2. I probably should have mentioned that I'm not a big CC spender. Aside from my vacations a few times a year ($3-5k), I don't use the CC very much. I guess I could try this Citi Premier card for a year then cancel. If there's an option without AF I'd like to know.
  3. I'll be heading to Europe (Spain) soon for a couple weeks vacation. Whats a good CC for travel while there (no transaction fees, etc) Probably spend at least $2-3k initially on this trip through the CC. I currently have Cap1, Disco, Alliant. Scores are high 700's to 800s. Thanks
  4. I forgot to add that even though I specified to LendingTree we were interested in a HELOC, they only generated leads for cashout refi's. The lenders calling us are all pushing refi's thus my skepticism. We are going to local lenders anyways, I just though I'd give Lendingtree a try.
  5. While my wife has been talking to way too many different lenders on the phone (thanks Lending Tree ), one brought up the point that a HELOC can't be done with a modified mortgage. We did get a modified mortgage back in 2008, been paid on time ever since. What's the rule on this? Is it at the discretion of the lender? The home has at least $100k in equity and we are seeking no more than $40k for improvements to sell. I don't trust salesmen, especially on the phone. Thx
  6. Best of luck on the sale of the home. Check with a couple of real estate agents for recommendations on where (and where NOT) to spend money on updates. If there is a giant hole in the floor, fix that, but don't do anything you don't have to in order to move the house. Well the house is in a sore need of an updated kitchen and floors so thats a must to demand top dollar and compete with other homes in the area. The rest is simpler cosmetics. The home already has more than double the value in equity to what we owe, the remodeling would get that even higher. My sister is a real estate agent and decorator. My brother in law a GC. I'm in good hands. Going to start looking at HELOC this week.
  7. Just a brief update. We've changed our plans for the house and will be selling instead of renting. Better returns on sale as opposed to renting in this area. Therefore we will be looking to go with an Equity Line of Credit for the flip.
  8. It would usually be domestic and always coach. I use a relatives buddy passes for the international, pricey stuff. Remodeling home for sale, a little bit of a side business. If there are cash back cards as good as those then that may not be a bad idea. My current cash back cards are Cap1 QS and Disco, not all that great. I have an Alliant CC that I used for an Interest free transfer.
  9. I usually fly the budget ones like Jet Blue or Spirit but they suck most of the time. Delta and American Airlines are more common in my area. What's C$R?
  10. I'd like a CC for Airline perks. It would be my first such CC. Everything I have now is cash back or low interest. I'd be running $10-20k in a few months through this card on some big purchases. I was thinking about Delta Skymiles card since I already have some points with them and they're an airline I like to use since I'm tired of the nickel-and-dime budget airlines. My scores are in the mid 700's. No derogatories. Any other I should consider?
  11. Ok, well thanks for all the help cv91915. I've got some work to do.
  12. Ahh, so it wasn't just me who had the bad experience. Any recommendations on banks to consider or stay away from? In all fairness, I've found general banking with my CU, far, far better than big banks. My CU has never nickel-and-dimed me like BOA did. And BOA did a LOT more to us than just that.
  13. I don't know how much the HEL fees are yet but understand that they are generally more than HELOC. Found a few statements online saying HEL closing costs are 2-5% (average 3%) of loan amount. I'm going to start with my CU and see what they come up with. I don't see us paying the extra loan off in a fast manner. We already need to pay extra to the principal mortgage. The renter will be paying off the loan in addition to mortgage so it will be over time. Already too much cutting into the profit margin.
  14. Am I reading this right; "We recently paid off a new 30-year refinanced mortgage in 18 months by making extra principal payments when we encountered one-time," 18 MONTHS? Yeah the extra principal payments are pretty straight forward with my home. I pay online and regularly send extra $ to the principal. Should be able to cut my 30 yr mortgage down to 20 yr, just in time for retirement I hope. I just need to take a look at how Ocwens online payment system, the servicer for our 2nd home, works. So looked into HELOC and HEL a little bit. Finding the HELOC can have a low to no fees but adjustable rates while HEL may have fees but fixed rate. I'm no fan of adjustable rates, especially now that the Fed is signaling that rate increases are coming.
  15. Balance is about $107k. Maturity date is June, 2035. 3.5% interest. I figure about $668 P+I a month. Current P+I is $492.88. An extra $175 a month. Now comes the subject of a HELOC or a home equity installment loan, 2nd mortgage, etc. whatever makes the most sense. Need maybe $15-25k, not really sure yet.

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