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  1. I think those are just marketing the green check mark offers are supposed to bypass 5/24.
  2. Been out of town a few days come back Amex statement Boa BT checks +statement. And my weekly Discover Foad letter.
  3. It's a SP just hit the luv button your way over due. Set your calendar u can hit the button every 4 months for SP luv. Hope this helps
  4. I dumped my AARP card a while back and rolled the limit into another Chase card i only have one Comenity Card TR Visa. I see u mentioned they taking over the AARP Portfolio i only wan't one Comenity Card lol.
  5. NFCU statement life insurance statement Discover Foad letter.
  6. It's been 4 month's since last Cli so i hit up FNBO on My NRA Visa +3K SP Cli.
  7. DW new Uber card Amazon order Discover Foad letter.

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