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  1. @Why Chat Disputed by mail CM it was on TU as well but a dispute by mail and they promptly deleted.
  2. Ok so noticed last Month Wifey had 2 Phantom Medical Collections pop up on EQ the CA is National Service Bureau both are for same amount $146 so Wifey spoke with our Insurance Company yesterday. And the vague information she had company said nothing was submitted matching the OC on Alleged service date. Ok so Wifey didn"t know you shouldn"t be talking to a CA on the phone and just called me in Tears. She said she called the CA was polite just asked them to send validation that the debt is hers and asked if it was valid why there client never Submitted to our insurance. She said the
  3. Amex,Boa statement gas bill Chex system report US Skank confirming my Cash+ Cli Netflix DVD.
  4. Sir Barclay's use to send me BT checks 0% for 12 months and a 1% fee. I haven't got any in a while now they may have shifted gears as others mentioned.
  5. Did u check the LTV Loan To Value before applying to Navy If u are to upside down that will get u denied unless u bring cash to the Refi Table. Also check this credit union anyone can join u can call them up apply for membership and auto Refi on same call. This is contingent on your LTV being in order. https://www.dcu.org/
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