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  1. Hello everyone, Things are getting really tight on my end and I am looking at the options for payment deferment or other assistance before considering default or worse. I have 2 credit cards with Discover that I have maxed out. Payments are coming up and just the minimums are difficult to meet. Both have 0% apr offers for now. I was wondering if I call discover asking for help with the minimum payments. 1) Will they close my accounts? Worked hard to get these accounts 2) What is the most that minimum payments can be deferred or what are they offering during covid times as relief? 3) Will they report as in deferment or something that will spook my other credit card companies to the point that they would preemptively close my accounts? Just trying to figure out what can be accomplished and if it could create bigger issues by requesting help. To me closing of the accounts is a bad outcome, but I need to weigh this option vs the relief they can provide. Any insight in this matter is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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