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  1. My credit score is 720 718 757 my girlfriend credit is 520 but she had a repo 8 months ago b4 we met for being a co-signer for her sister that most epically failed. The charge off of is for 19k. The car she wants now is 40k i have a fairly new car loan 7 months old for 90k paid on time. I was wondering without running my credit to a bunch of banks do you think i can be her co-signer without her having to put any money down? I would like to use any down payment to pay her note for the next 12 months in advance after the loan is secured.
  2. i would buy Au's to build my score i added my daughter to my cards last month within 2 weeks her score literally went from no credit score to 719 with just 2 of my cards. They banks were willing to finance her with CAC and BBVa and 27% before i added her. Now she just got approved for a 6.9 % for her first car GMC acadia and paying 325 a month on a 28k car. Hope this helps
  3. i just picked up a brand new 2015 challenger RT Plus no credit score even though i have credit cards my score still said 0 with $1k down my interest is 15% but anything is possible if you make enough.
  4. I went into the Dodge dealer first to look at a 2015 sxt plus challenger for $31,000 they pulled my credit and said they could get the deal bought but my beacon is 0. I told them i only wanted to put a $1k down and then they submitted to the bank, then 30 minutes it came back approved with 3k down and 784 month for 72 months with double digit interest. the sales man said they could see my 5 credit cards paid on time for the last year but didnt understand why it said zero beacon. Well i never financed a car b4 because i make great money so i buy everything cash so i refused that option and they immediately told me that i wont find another dealer that could the job done so good luck. Well i left and and went across the street to ford and looked and the gt mustang and told them i had 1k to put down. They ran my credit and it also came back with a 0 beacon score and they could also see credit score. 20 Minutes later the deal came back approved with 1k down 749 a month for 6 years on $41k vehicle @ 9.9 % with gap & 3 year bumper 2 bumper and exgtended 2 year electrical coverage. and lifetime limited extended warranty power train with $100 deductible after my 5 years. he said if i would of been in the 600's when they pulled it i could have gotten a rate @ 3-6% I dont understand how i have a 0 beacon when my credit monitoring services say i have 644 678 659 scores . and as the banks were running my credit i kept getting alerts saying my credit was being pulled. My plan is to pay $3k a month for the 1st 6 months and then try to refinace for a better rate.

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