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  1. To clarify, you mean "report here" that all these banks and credit unions report checking and saving accounts to the EWS, correct?
  2. Good! Then I could apply for the Farmer Insurance Visa card!
  3. If Capital One were the issuer of the REI card portfolio, I bet your $35,000 credit limit would be subject to a potential future CLD from Capital One! A smart move you can take might be to use a PC now and avoid dealing with Capital One later!
  4. Can you directly go into the store where you have made the $19 purchase and pay it there? But, if your order was made through an online charge, then, there is not much you can do about it. Sorry, I can't be of much help.
  5. They always flood my mailbox whenever a new product comes out. If they offered a high line of credit like the Capital One Venture Card, I might recalibrate my thought process about their troubling reputation in the past. The topic title says it all!!! Wells Fargo has always been a stingy cheapskate when it comes to providing customers with initial lines of credit. The best I've heard so far is their Cashwise Card at $13K SL. However, just a year later, the person who got the card ended up being shut down by Wells Fargo for lack of activity.
  6. I think the new credit bureaus consolidate all individual local credit report bookkeeping into a pool of information from these consumer credit files. Some would think that the data volume is humongous. Hahaha!!!! Just imagine that almost every 1 person has similar information to 1 credit bureau. That's what I think this article implies.
  7. I think Lowe's salesman should be fired for misleading potential Lowe's customers. I can assure you that the issuer is not Comenity Capital Bank, but Synchrony Bank! However, they are evil twins. To be clear, they are notorious for closing customers' credit accounts!
  8. Never heard of business credit from the mid-1800s, plus an astonishing 2000 credit bureaus from the 1960s, great historical info!
  9. If you've built up your credit significantly on your total credit limit, I suggest you go ahead and don't let Capital One bother or stress you out.
  10. Yep, that must be it, I've forgotten about the European card's unlike or unalike terms and conditions compared to the US.
  11. I think since there are 2 colors in the ad, you can choose the card color you like. So it's red, which is fine. What about black, is there a difference in tier grades?
  12. Holy Christ! What an astonishing bewilderment! 😲 That's the first time I've heard a bank threaten to cancel your application if you simultaneously apply to another issuer credit product. Gosh! It's really gotten tight on how to proceed for additional credit, getting extra credit is really stressful. Jeez! I'm adding PNC to my "do not apply" list!
  13. I haven't seen a balance transfer offer on the Amex Revolver card that I haven't seen in years after opening the card account. Also, regarding credit card balances... American Express doesn't like people carrying balances on their cards, and if you do, be careful to ask your 4506-T when you ask to increase the credit limit on your revolving card.
  14. The best-looking card I think my favorite is the Amex Optima Platinum card, which is still available to cardholders at the moment, however, it is no longer feasible to apply for it!
  15. That's fair enough looking forward to seeing it.
  16. Hahaha!!! Hey, Burger! I love looking at the card collection image, come on, take a screenshot of it as I did, and display it to enjoy the memories of the good old days that the image brings.
  17. Yep, these are some of my cards collection in which I was the cardholder. These are all very old credit cards in my collection, not to mention recent ones like Capital One, Bank One, Boston Fleet, or Providian. Only one is considered quite old, and the old "Bank of Americard" image has become the iconic official Visa logo. Hahaha!!! Can you see that I used to be a Wells Fargo cardholder? Man, those two cards were Visa and Mastercard from 30 years ago.
  18. You are correct about the Williams Sonoma card issued by Capital One. Wayfair is issued by Citibank NA and BJ store cards, and BJ Mastercard is issued by Comenity Capital Bank. It appears that Capital One is gobbling up a growing portfolio of credit cards from different issuers. Maybe, they continue to cut our credit line in half, so they need backup funds for all these acquisitions. Just speculation!
  19. I've seen folks get $20K approval on Sportsman Guide and Camping World cards.
  20. Hahahahaha!!!!! Barclays is like Sync, but unlike their brutal tactical model, they have a balanced chase and aggressive CLD on their customers' credit accounts if they want to. Good Lord! Comenity bank-issued approximately 93 cards, mainly Visa, Mastercard cards, and store credit cards. I like a few of their cards because I love the design of their primary VM credit cards. The cards that interest me are Sportman Guide, Camping World, and Farmer Insurance. Although some are popular cards that are Visa and Mastercard cards, like Williams Sonoma, WayFair, and BJ, the lending policy is tantamount to a Synch pattern tactic, so apply at your own risk of future accounts closure! Your prerogative discretion! In general, it’s fairly easy to get approved for a Comenity Bank-backed card. Each retailer may be slightly different in applying the shopping cart strategy, but many cardholders have reported approval with a credit score in the fair range.
  21. I understand. I'm also following the quirky card collecting pattern. I'm considering applying for SoFi, Gemini, Aspiration, and maybe X1. Too bad Venmo is a Synch issuer, thus eliminating the aspect of applying for a credit card from them.
  22. Congrats on your $18K approval! Very nice card!
  23. I would look at it this way if a right turn is riskier than a left turn, I would avoid a right turn. If Wells Fargo fakes customer accounts to make their financial books look better, then I stay away from them. If buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies now is not the right time to buy, then I will wait. Some things are time-related and some things are out of your control and risky, and sometimes accidents are random and pointless. But, be vigilant at all times when you leave your house. Always do what you can control and stay away from what you can't control!
  24. Well, so are you. Hahaha!!! I like to apply for a co-branded Visa card issued by Synch or Comenity, the card name Farmer Insurance. I really wish another bank took the helm and snatch this cobranded card away from these evil twins so I could apply! Hahaha!!!
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