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  1. I got no where with BOA... FICO 789, $0 util, clean report, been a customer since 95. Someone said Cap One and Discover is completely sub-prime, well, my AA to BOA and Chase the same.
  2. Mine said the same thing. About to run 3k on it so will let you know if the bonus kicks in or not. I want a Venture. Is it a minimum limit? I don't want another less than $2k card. Want something higher. I already have 4 cards with them. What should determine why or why not apply for it?If I remeber rightVenture 5k minimum Venture one and Qs 3k I have seen a 2k approval limit for Venture If someone gets approved for a 5 k venture. Is it possible to apply and get approved for another Venture the same day? No. Scroll up. CapOne has discontinued 2fers. Capital One has closed the 2fers application, its a empirical consensus to many CB'er.
  3. Mine goes back to 2000. My BCE card arrived 2 weeks ago. It took me 10 years exactly to get back in. I assumed Amex remembered everything. And some other unlucky folks @ MF has taken him 30 years to get back in.
  4. I had the Chase Freedom 2 years, no credit increase yet. Their 5/24 rule is bad for businesses. Someday, their Co brand partner may closed them out.
  5. MP80

    CLI question

    I never spend over $500 on my IT card. They auto CLI after 3 months of usages... from SL $11500 to $14400.
  6. Yep... 3 weeks for the card to arrived. My FNBO Amex wording were " pre-approved " not pre-qualified.
  7. LOL....Hege definitely one of the credible pinnacle in here, as one pedestal ( Although there're many other prominence, can't name them all ). giving huge support for us all. Also, I like to give kudos to Breeze and LKH for creating such wonderful network of resources for us junkies and credit devotees. Again, thanks to Creditboards and all contributors.
  8. Thanks Kat!! I really missed GEORGE.....
  9. Maybe this is why Mr. Cooke ? Retired? Frustrated? Gone?
  10. I was instantly approved for the Cap 1 Venture, got greedy to applied for QS and got shot down immediately. Sole reason for the decline: " there is a pending or recently processed application with Capital One ".
  11. MP80


    MRJUGG, you're correctly right about Capital one ....... generally solid !!! After I did their pre-qualified site, I app for their Venture and was instantly approved....... Credit limit .- 30K UTIL- $0 EXP- 795 TU- 778 EFX- 773
  12. If your ate going to get into ms start small to get comfortable. ....and always be prepared for your money to end up limbo LOL!!....Thanks again!
  13. Thanks mryuggalo9er !! I've learned lots and lots of info into Red Bird and it strategies....... again, thanks to you and K2012 with all the Board's members..... such monumental thread contextualized so meticulously detail!
  14. Hello everyone, I,m a newbies n wants to learn from here. So much info, can't wait to build my credit, thanks!!
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