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  1. Given that I'm 4/24 now, I'll probably accept Chase's offer, so I'll go ahead and apply for other pre-approvals from Bank of the West, Citi, or maybe just maybe the new Wells Fargo Autograph credit card. But, one thing, the $95 annual fee. I'll probably take up the Chase Unlimited credit card, which has a lower credit limit of $14K.
  2. I don't know if it's possible to add anything, like a staircase from the upper floor to the basement of the crawl space, since you detect that the area is over 6 feet in height, you may need to ask your city building inspector if it's legal to do a work assignment. I think this is a garage remodeling topic. This used to be illegal in the building inspection codes of San Francisco, hazardous areas for living due to upcoming plumbing sewers and electrical wiring exposed everywhere, it's legal now, given that population growth has been unexpectedly huge over the past 40 years. Things have changed to be more suitable for tenants or landlords and building inspection codes have changed as a result of seeing a dramatic increase in population and not enough accommodation for rental living apartment studios or just one-person rooms. My sister owns a house in San Francisco and she remodeled the garage in the 90s, creating a gateway from the upper floor to the garage, connected by stairs. Additionally, she co-created 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with toilet and tub, and 1 parking space in the garage for a total of $30,000. Today's price is about $80,000 or more. My sister charges student tenants over $1000 per room per month. I think adding a staircase along with the building owner's permit to do it yourself would cost a few thousand dollars and hiring a building contractor would add a few thousand dollars more to what I mentioned. However, if you don't know anything about building inspection codes, then I recommend hiring someone with a contractor's license to do the work for you.
  3. I will tell you that big retailers are afraid of complaining because it generates bad publicity and results in lost total revenue. The same scenario involves a restaurant where you have a customer who makes a serious complaint and tells the restaurant manager that there are insects in the main course of the food, now, whether it's true or false, ethical or immoral, the management has to deal with it by removing the food plate item price It's a freebie or the customer gets a replacement food dish. The bottom line is "The customer is always right!"
  4. It is extremely rare for any banks or debt consolidation loan companies to lend money to pay off your credit card debt. The reason is that your credit profile is a high risk, no underwriters offer you debt consolidation loan relief, and furthermore, your creditors may act against you. Now, if you can pay for everything, that's great! If not, find a way to start over and take a closer look at what happened to you and what got you into this meltdown in the first place. Good luck!
  5. Tip containers around checkout terminals are common in stores large and small. This used to be a gesture of goodwill towards the Dimes Parade (March of Dimes) foundation's fundraising donation, gosh, wonder how long it's been since the last time I saw the Dimes Parade display next to the cash register. Yes. Many businesses will solicit service tips and you need to know the customs and culture about it. It's a mandatory tradition passed on from generation to generation, in order to do good, a gesture of kindness must be made, and if you don't tip, never go back to the place where that person or entity served you the last time you were there! ( Restaurants, Taxicab service, and Barbershops just to name a few)
  6. If your reputation does not involve criminal liability, there is no need to worry about Chase closing or Chase shutting down all of your accounts. Each customer is treated differently, according to Chase's internal data on how affluent those customers are. Customers like you will definitely get better treatment from Chase because you are a heavy spender, don't even think about CLD'ing you, hahaha... Chase and American Express are focused on making money and I mean making big money from cardholders, in addition to paying hefty annual fees with multiple cards and spending vacation travel involving airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. If you're not classified as frequently spending those fees, then you're not the affluent customer they like, and they'll tie the rewards with the risk taken as to whether or not to give you a higher exposure or if you're a typical miser in which would hinders your CLI growth.
  7. Your saga on BofA CLD was initially paraphrased as "once bitten, twice shy."
  8. You got an excellent collection of credit cards there. Very impressive!
  9. Good Lord! what BofA did to you a decade ago I've heard from you depicting that probably 4-5 times already, just as Centex MBNA fraud fiasco affecting you both mindset of the credit line increases like a branding iron that eating you both alive on the BofA issues, LOL... Now, as you said about planning to get a huge sign-up bonus for claiming an extra card from Chase, no one is going to blame you for that, in fact, you're pretty smart about getting the freebie. Great for those who apply! If you're too greedy, there are some temptations to lower your FICO score, that is, a few years ago the Barclays Elite Arrival card attracted people with over 800 FICO scores to apply because of the $700 sign-up bonus, unfortunately, most People get denied to apply for this card.
  10. It's never a good choice of hoarding more than three cards from the same issuer, particularly Chase! Why? A - Lack of diversification among card issuers B - Large credit limit exposure limit for more credit on other creditors C - Risk to all cards closure due to Chase reputational policies D - Double pulled inquiries per each application E - Subject to accounts closure at any time if the risk is involved I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I've read many horror stories about Chase from these board forums. Another situation I've seen in the past is that after you get approval from Chase, Chase will monitor all your reports for a few weeks, and if they see you requesting more credit from someone else, they may close all your accounts.
  11. Hey, I get them every week, in fact, I just today got an offer from them. The benefits of this Visa "Best Eggs" card are... No annual fee $0 Visa Fraud Liability 0% Intro APR 14.99% - 27.99% Purchase or cash advance In contrast to other fintech companies that do not allow this option, the issuer has a cash advance option available and its parent company is Marlette Funding, LLC and its subsidiaries: Marlette Servicing, LLC and Marlette Marketing, LLC.
  12. Even though I don't plan to pay cash for any purchases I make, I always have a 5X $20 bill in my wallet, plus dozens more one-dollar bills. There is an exception for carrying substantial cash if I visit a casino.
  13. Don't ever count on USAA letting you off the hook for owning the losses they took from you. I have never heard of any credit union forgiving and forgetting a member stiffing them, I suggest you pay off what you owe and maybe you can become a member again!
  14. I already forgot when was the last time I used cash. It was so long ago, probably at the same time I entered a branch and it's no branches around the vicinity anymore.
  15. Hahahahaha!!!!! I agree with Shifter about you probably won't get a huge line of credit. All I've seen from people's approved lines of credit is up to $4 to $5,000 per card, with the occasional one lucky enough to get $6,000, so it's not a generous bank, and it's a geofencing issuer. However, if some people apply for 4-5 cards at a time, then you might get $16,000 to $20,000, and I doubt they'll let you do that now!
  16. BofA secured card route was the best move you've made, you might try looking forward to joining a few credit unions and applying for the credit products from them later. Don't let Discover stress you out by declining you now, even if Discover approves you for a secured credit card, additionally, they may also ask for 4506-C before your card arrive.
  17. How long have you been wrestling with this, I hear it every time the BofA CLI is mentioned. I probably heard your narrative on this 4-5 times already. Centex I heard you mentioned your CLI request for your Bank of America account, which conflicted with your past MBNA account, because of the fraud losses that Bank of America held against you. That internal information will be there forever, you just have to forget about their CLI cravings kinds of stuff. If a bank thinks there's something that exists and doesn't trust you with further exposure, Algos will never forget unless it's reprogrammed. Hehehe!!! At least you're not blackballed from them as Amex did to others.
  18. BofA's cash advances are a bit odd when they reach a certain amount, the credit limit continues to increase, but the cash advances stop. My cash limit is over 35% of my total credit limit. It used to be at 40% before the CLI. Hahahahaha!!!!! It's significantly doable and satisfying for me at the casino's table.
  19. Yes, I concur. Apple probably avoids being a bank altogether. They have much on their plate already.
  20. In fact, misinformation about consumers' EWS profiles can be damaging. A consumer was denied a checking account by a financial institution, and the bank provided her with the reasons cited by the EWS as the primary source of the denial. The person realized she had a fraud alert in her consumer profile, and EWS sold her false fraud alert reporting profile to the bank, which she somehow got. When she mentioned her EWS Fraud Alert status to EWS, they told her she had no Fraud Alerts on file. So this became a lawsuit that EWS lost, and the person was awarded damages given that EWS violated the FCRA by making a false report.
  21. Yes! Just look at the Apple Card current situation fiasco dealing with the jumping hoops scenario! Since I don't have a Fidelity credit card account, I'm speculating that the Fidelity Investment card is related to the similarity of the creditor's phone number not available in the Apple Wallet app it provides. So if you try to ask Goldman Sachs for a CLI on your Apple Card, there will be a problem and you will get the CSR from the Apple representative for the Apple Card. The CSR then forwards your questions and concerns to Goldman Sachs, and that's how you look at the dilemma you might face with the Fidelity card issue. I know it's rare, but it might be related to another issuer.
  22. When was the last time you saw the Tower Records logo?
  23. There are some troubling fact regards to this slime ball company. EWS was created by BofA, Chase, Capital One, Truist, US bank, PNC, and Wells Fargo. In 16 years of service, there are 2,500 companies that rely on them. 445 lawsuits claim overall against them, 65 are FCRA violations, over a million CFPB complaints, 39,000 just in January 2022 in one month, 332 BBB complaints, and fit for 1 star. In march 2020, EWS agree to pay nearly 4 million dollars for a violation of FCRA! Bottomline, EWS doesn't play clean!!!
  24. I think it's Fidelity. The screw up like the Apple Card, the phone number on the back of the card. The phone number should have been Goldman and Elan to your Fidelity card.
  25. Hege was spot on that you called the wrong issuer, it's Elan financial that you should have called! I agree with Hege that Chase can approve your transaction almost anywhere, while other creditors decide to reject the purchasing transaction. There's this good thing the same about Capital One that they will approve your spending without having to notify them in the first place, they just like Chase, they only care about getting paid. I'm not so confident about Amex though, but nevertheless, I've never been declined a transaction by Amex, objectively, many did!
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