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  1. Thanks, Stanley In a sense, it is something accustomed to coins and stamps collectors (I'm one of those) leisure hobbies. I acknowledge building credit takes time, a long time, and patience. Serendipity, I'm lucky!
  2. Good Lord! I want to thank you for having eagle eyes and seeing things that elephant eyes can't. I'm not going to spend $50k to $80k on a GM EV to get a $100 a year credit, at least not this year, but considering power stations become viable and normal across town, EVs will be popular, and gas engines will become moots in the future. I will anticipate and expect to spend $1000 to get the SUB 15K points and forget about the added benefit of the $100 statement credit.
  3. Thanks, HP I have a terrible time finding useful things myself. You identified the link to help me, much obliged! On the *additional benefits* in subsections 10 &11, I saw this passage contextualizes the rewards benefit... "Earn a $100 statement credit when you spend $1,500 on fuel per calendar year or Earn a $100 statement credit when you use the My GM Rewards Card to pay 6 months of your electric bills." I'm afraid I can't accommodate $1500 a year in car fuel, I have nowhere to travel with that much fuel unless fuel is inflated or price demand is too high, and then, I bet I can't use $1000 a year for fuel purchase. Simply no place to go. The latter section involves paying 6 months of electricity bills with the GM card, which I can easily handle. I would apply that instead of buying gas.
  4. Does anyone know about the $100 statement credit and how it works? I'm assuming this is for EV owners to buy fuel or electricity, but I don't own an EV, so I mean does it count toward my regular gas credit at the gas station on my monthly statement? Anyone? @RehabbingANDBlabbing , do you have the GM- Rewards Card?
  5. Marcus by Goldman Sachs GM-Rewards Card Approval. Profile Stat: TransUnion Credit Score 790 FICO UT < 1% INQ- 2 Last App- 7 Months Ago SL- $12,000.00 APR- 17.99% Intro APR on Purchases 0% First 12 months
  6. I was bored browsing on Marcus GS' website and somehow the GM rewards card tempted me to apply for a soft pull pre-approval to accept or decline the card. I took the card. BTW - this is for the suspension of alternative credit lines for my BlockFi Card. Profile Stat : TransUnion Credit Score 790 FICO UT < 1% INQ- 2 Last App- 7 Months Ago
  7. Congrats on your approval! I didn't apply for any cards that Chase pre-approved and selected for me. My reason was that the cash advance limit is inadequate to accommodate my usage. CHASE credit journey Vantage score 3.0
  8. You're welcome, Hege! This is a good experience for people who use credit responsibly by paying in full all the time if encounter a situation like this and will not flounder financially!
  9. Hey, Burger! I don't know who's going to fall next. Moreover, after Zhao conducted due diligence on the problematic FTX, he discovered the magnitude of the fallout spilling over to the platforms of other cryptocurrency companies but declined to name them. So, let's wait and see! I have no confidence in any cryptocurrency company established in Southeast Asia ( Crypto.com), I see too many scammers pretending to be who they really are or what they offer you. I can assure you that some of them are just scamming you by creating a fake cryptocurrency website, luring you in, and robbing your entire life savings. I've seen 2 or 3 of them. So, stay away from any company you don't know or have not been in the market for a while, platforms like Coinbase that I'm currently using are legit. However, some people don't like them because Coinbase uses Plaid as an intermediary entity to verify your bank account.
  10. Hey, Hege! Here is the bad news I know about FTX, not BlockFi anyway! This disaster has nothing to do with the BlockFi crypto platform. The bad results were started by the greedy CEO of FTX SBF who owns 100% of FTT and Alameda Research. SBF has software that can alter FTX's book records of its current financial data without FTX management being able to detect the changes. The whole scenario is that SBF transferred $10 billion to Alameda Research to cover the hole that Alameda Research did with the losses due to whatever reason in gambling on cryptos or buying bad stocks and loss. The $10 billion may be the money from the customers' accounts deposited in the FTX crypto accounts. All it takes is an anonymous insider disgruntled person in either FTX or Binance platform to write an article in the crypto markets or news update on Blockwork or any news source to expose what is happening at FTX. It all began when SBF asked the CEO of Binance for help and Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, the founder, and CEO of Binance did due diligence in the acquisition of FTX to revive the troubled FTX, Zhao find out the record has been altered and government officials are currently investigating and probing the issues. Finally, SBF failed to find anyone to bail out FTX. It was not the missing $1.7 billion at FTX that kill FTX, it was the Bank- Run that does it! Although BlockFi account holders were unable to withdraw any funds from their Crypto accounts, the fiasco did not affect me. I paid off all my BlockFi Visa Signature balances, I owe nothing, and besides, Evolve Bank & Trust is my creditor, and Deserve is the intermediary entity for Evolve Bank & Trust. In fact, FTX currently owes the BlockFi platform a sum of money. I think the current active bidding process will go well and we will have a new brand taking over the entire portfolio very soon. If BlockFi is gone, I have too many credit cards offered to me right now, I think I might apply for BMO or BOTW, or Wells Fargo, but not interested in Citibank.
  11. I got that newsletter not so long ago about the second quarter of 2022, heed the increase of massive new members joining PenFed. The possible reason for PenFed to bring about prequalification for credit card applications must have something to do with the recent significant increase in new members. However, as of now, the prequalification button no longer exists.
  12. Hey, Pot! Is this the final starting limit or the $10.5K? If it's the latter, I'll not apply.
  13. Thanks! I've learned something valuable from you!
  14. We used to have a regular member here who was as tough as a nail @Konrad2012 but not to the extent of Pot if I'm right both military. Maybe, just maybe the way he used to treat his subordinates was the way he interacted with people, a mindset you might expect. Stern but still a very loyal man, if reading his posts always thank others who gave him good advice @mrjuggalo9er. He'll give you great credit advice, but he has the tendency to become an emotional tirade and push other people away with his onslaught of extreme inundated diatribe! Not to mention that our CB bully alias @hdporter, myself, and others also get the treatment from him! I and the others acknowledged his personality persona, so there's no conflict between us there, there!
  15. There's no need to rant so harshly at someone with a flawed credit report. Well, perhaps it doesn't matter anymore.
  16. If you don't mind me asking, your account is involved in one vital thing I hope it's not an intrusive question, what is the credit limit of your Cit secured credit card after it becomes unsecured?
  17. Hey, Pot! The way I read it, in the first 2 paragraphs of the content, you are debating yourself! Call me delusion paranoid if you will, lol... WTH will release your staking collateral, and the voucher deposit was initially made to get $25,000 on a secured credit card account. Also, no one is talking about APR, you and I are discussing whether there is a $25,000 secured credit card. BTW, a $25,000 secured credit card resonated 10 years ago, and whatever program or policy you want to name it, and whether it's currently available, is a lingering question mark, and I betcha there is utterly no interest to accrue on such pledged collateral account. If you like to get a definitive answer you can ask @cashnocredit.
  18. Keep in mind that Capital One investigation (inquiries) linked its nefarious behavior by culling previous inquiries. Show only updated queries. (Equifax)
  19. Yeah, it happens every month on my EQ report, plus it happens every month on the EWS. This is a new ongoing strategy that minimizes the risk of being stiff by consumers despite account holders having the highest credit.
  20. U.S. Bank for illegally accessing its customers’ credit reports and opening checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and lines of credit without customers’ permission. CFPB Fines U.S. Bank $37.5 Million for Illegally Exploiting Personal Data to Open Sham Accounts for Unsuspecting Customers | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (consumerfinance.gov)
  21. @cashnocredit I really appreciate your confirmation response to the issuer of the $25,000 Secured Credit Card. I think these credential certificate deposits issued by Citibank for secured credit card accounts are hopefully and expected to continue to this day.
  22. On 11/3/2020 at 8:04 AM, @cashnocredit said: However, you are very fortunate to have a large cash position. The fastest way to improve not only your scores but your attractiveness to an issuer, is to also increase the CLs and usage. I had a similar problem 10 years ago so I opened two secured CCs. One for 10k and one for 25k. Not everyone can do that but for those that can, like you, it tells banks that you actually have significant assets just from your credit report. Do that then use the cards. ................................................................................................................................. I'm not sure if the issuers are Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, or others, you need to ask @cashnocredit.
  23. @cashnocredit says he applied for the $25K secured card from Wells Fargo Bank when he was rebuilding his credit. (probably 10 years ago)
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