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  1. The big deal on Black Friday is that the purchase of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is eligible to receive a Visa debit card worth $450. Whee, I happily accepted the offer.
  2. The recent credit line increase to Chase Amazon cardholder was Chase is absolutely afraid of being abandoned by Amazon. Chase doesn't like to be ditched. So, they increased the credit limit of the Amazon card without the cardholder's request. Haha...this is a significant increase in credit limit.
  3. Trouble rising or country rising? I mean, these shops are killing mom-and-pop shops in their area, especially in rural areas.
  4. Well, Capital One told me that there is a new statement available online. So I checked everywhere and could not find the CLD on the account. There is no mention of CLD in the site account or the new statement. I'm Thinking Capital One is combing through every credit card each year on every cardholder. This is probably the new normal to mitigate financial losses on their part. Only today did I notice that Capital One is the second-largest credit card issuer under JPMorgan Chase, with 89 million credit cards issued globally. This is a shocking surprise for me. Capital On
  5. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I do not need to apply for a UnionPay card at the moment.
  6. I have received similar offers before. Bank of America seems to be pushing this card to replace a custom card, enticing you to switch, and incentivizing you by adding a $200 bonus and accompanying promotions. Haha... Screenshot, or it didn't happen!
  7. Okay, I searched the website and clicked on the contact information, we finally saw the addresses and phone numbers of all branches, as well as email and WeChat exchanges. Some of you have previously applied, been approved, and managed on how to find locations or searched stores online websites that are welcome to use UnionPay to make purchases. People like me don't know who supports the UnionPay network and who excludes it from online shopping and so there is no reason for us to look around to find which entities are welcome to accept the UnionPay and who does not because
  8. If you are on vacation residing in Guangdong province carrying the ICBC credit card, good for you! I'm not mentioning bad news, to give negative information to you, who is happy or excited about something. The UnionPay, it's unpopular like the JCB card before it, not welcome here. Although UnionPay is connected through the Discover payment network. As for the branches you mentioned, inaccessible. Unless you are in San Francisco or Seattle, where else can you find a branch? Just my perception.
  9. You take a look at the Discover card on how long after it was established publicly to adapt before it became a popular card on the market, never mind about the network payment brand. It's just dreadfully inconvenient.
  10. When ICBC first launched, you could apply for a credit card online on its website. The current ICBC site does not have an application link to apply. I think you need to go directly to an ICBC branch to apply for a credit card. ICBC's website announcement on credit card application... "We are experiencing a heavy inflow of applications, and it will take us up to two additional weeks on top of the standard processing time to process your application, thank you for your patience." The Diner Club website also made the same nonsense card application acces
  11. Thanks! They did say that my credit line is intact.
  12. Yeah, it is indeed a small number. LOL... I think I got a personal loan of $20,000 last year. Then, I reduced the amount to $3,000 to see if the amount reached the minimum borrowing limit. I let the newly adjusted amount in place before I log off my laptop. It must have been recorded internally, and since then, it has always displayed the same amount as it is now. Frankly, I don’t need a loan from American Express. I was curious to know if I have any prequalification for a loan offer. If I really need a loan now, I will directly deposit my FNBO 4.99% APR off
  13. So, May 19 of this year was the last increase on the Amex account. Haha... I asked about it 6 days in advance. I will ask again in 6 days.
  14. Thanks for the posted link, much obliged! The offer of a personal loan currently being available. But no CLI. I've checked both revolvers, no go!
  15. No, nothing happened! This topic was morphed from replacing Craig Cunningham's notorious discretionary litigation against debt collection agencies and telemarketers and evolved into California Proposition 65... Since then, California Proposition 65 has undergone the latest modernization and revised adaptations, and different provisions have been added to chemical substances as safety measures. Back to topic, Capital One bank closing statement a few days away. The updated credit line will reflect whether a CLD has been transpired... As of today,
  16. I was surprised to see Credit Karma make 3 to 5 soft-pulls per month on Experian. Now, I have no idea why they do that. In addition, Credit Karma has the accessibility to a consumer's Experian CR. They're not granting Experian data available options access to the customers, a dumb business decision. Now, Credit Karma If they add Experian CR on top of the other two customer-accessible TransUnion and Equifax CR, they will be at the helm of business competitors. Hahaha... A 3 bureau reports per week, at no charge, is unprecedented.
  17. I think the chemicals that cause cancer are not eminent presentation. You can refer to this logic to people smoking cigarettes or cigars. If a person discovers they have cancerous cells in their body, cancer has already percolated a significant time period. I think believing in science is more accurate compared to people trusting placebos or religions. You want empirical data for determinatives. Some warnings can be overblown, for instance, to refer to people drinking coffee with sweet-n-low replace using sugar. The dangerous substance is named saccharin which causes cancer risk
  18. No. So far, there have been no lenders that offer personal loans that have pulled my reports. The whole saga narrative remains random and meaningless. There is no ongoing extrapolation.
  19. No! The $90K offer of the loan amount is from SoFi and is not from BofA. Good Lord! "I jump the gun!" I have a total of 14 loans from various financial institutions and FinTech. Most allow a $20K max and a few at $50K only SoFi offer goes to $90K. I assume that this loan has nothing to do with Bank of America. However, Algor of Credit Karma has detected my relationship with Bank of America, so this may be the only possible scenario where Credit Karma forwards the data to SoFi to obtain a potential loan offer.
  20. This is not funny, but a problem!!! Where can Credit Karma get information about my interest in direct deposit for a $90,000 loan or balance transfer? I especially want to know how Credit Karma acquired this data information. This info was traced back to the offers I received from BofA, and I made several screenshots and wrote some comments connected with the offer. I was making suggestions that the $90K loan be directly deposited into my personal checking account. Hmmm...
  21. Hahaha... Cancer does not work like this! It is more related to viral infection and the oxidative mutation of cellular molecules. Some come from genealogy and evolutionary generations, and some come from the natural environment. This is rather an obscure nebulous question for an answer to, just as someone taking in a breath that causes cancer. This is cryptic, confusing, and hard to understand. But, in fact, there are so many bacteria virus germs disease out there where we are breathing every second that we don't know what you have been contracted. There are many expla
  22. Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Office Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Substances Enforcement Act of 1986. The lifespan of people living in California does seem to have increased. The list is updated at least once a year. Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians of the danger of chemicals. I think it's a health issue a good thing to be enforced to save lives. Look, you have significants cancer warning labels, safe use determination, business proposition warnings, so far, the folks live much longer i
  23. No. It's just an illusion! Credit line increase subject to manual evaluation by a live person, not by an automaton or android. This is why the CLI always takes several hours to work. The new application is rather different. The approval decision can be given instantaneously by an algorithm. The "late-night hack" is not a feasible dependable strategy.
  24. Is it this slimeball Craig Cunningham?!?!?! Craig gained fame by filing more than 150 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuits. A staggering amount for individuals representing himself in most of his cases. He created a new type of career "professional plaintiff" to target marketers who used automation to call or text potential customers without their consent-whether they performed outreach in good faith or not-and was subsequently brought into the TCPA case. His glorious journey initially targeted debt collection agencies. Later expanded the target to compani
  25. Pretending of not receiving an email or mail and file for litigation? Hahahahaha!!!!!! What idiot proceeds with such a stupid act.
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