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  1. Holy Christ! What an astonishing bewilderment! 😲 That's the first time I've heard a bank threaten to cancel your application if you simultaneously apply to another issuer credit product. Gosh! It's really gotten tight on how to proceed for additional credit, getting extra credit is really stressful. Jeez! I'm adding PNC to my "do not apply" list!
  2. I haven't seen a balance transfer offer on the Amex Revolver card that I haven't seen in years after opening the card account. Also, regarding credit card balances... American Express doesn't like people carrying balances on their cards, and if you do, be careful to ask your 4506-T when you ask to increase the credit limit on your revolving card.
  3. The best-looking card I think my favorite is the Amex Optima Platinum card, which is still available to cardholders at the moment, however, it is no longer feasible to apply for it!
  4. That's fair enough looking forward to seeing it.
  5. Hahaha!!! Hey, Burger! I love looking at the card collection image, come on, take a screenshot of it as I did, and display it to enjoy the memories of the good old days that the image brings.
  6. Yep, these are some of my cards collection in which I was the cardholder. These are all very old credit cards in my collection, not to mention recent ones like Capital One, Bank One, Boston Fleet, or Providian. Only one is considered quite old, and the old "Bank of Americard" image has become the iconic official Visa logo. Hahaha!!! Can you see that I used to be a Wells Fargo cardholder? Man, those two cards were Visa and Mastercard from 30 years ago.
  7. You are correct about the Williams Sonoma card issued by Capital One. Wayfair is issued by Citibank NA and BJ store cards, and BJ Mastercard is issued by Comenity Capital Bank. It appears that Capital One is gobbling up a growing portfolio of credit cards from different issuers. Maybe, they continue to cut our credit line in half, so they need backup funds for all these acquisitions. Just speculation!
  8. I've seen folks get $20K approval on Sportsman Guide and Camping World cards.
  9. Hahahahaha!!!!! Barclays is like Sync, but unlike their brutal tactical model, they have a balanced chase and aggressive CLD on their customers' credit accounts if they want to. Good Lord! Comenity bank-issued approximately 93 cards, mainly Visa, Mastercard cards, and store credit cards. I like a few of their cards because I love the design of their primary VM credit cards. The cards that interest me are Sportman Guide, Camping World, and Farmer Insurance. Although some are popular cards that are Visa and Mastercard cards, like Williams Sonoma, WayFair, and BJ, the lending policy is tantamount to a Synch pattern tactic, so apply at your own risk of future accounts closure! Your prerogative discretion! In general, it’s fairly easy to get approved for a Comenity Bank-backed card. Each retailer may be slightly different in applying the shopping cart strategy, but many cardholders have reported approval with a credit score in the fair range.
  10. I understand. I'm also following the quirky card collecting pattern. I'm considering applying for SoFi, Gemini, Aspiration, and maybe X1. Too bad Venmo is a Synch issuer, thus eliminating the aspect of applying for a credit card from them.
  11. Congrats on your $18K approval! Very nice card!
  12. I would look at it this way if a right turn is riskier than a left turn, I would avoid a right turn. If Wells Fargo fakes customer accounts to make their financial books look better, then I stay away from them. If buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies now is not the right time to buy, then I will wait. Some things are time-related and some things are out of your control and risky, and sometimes accidents are random and pointless. But, be vigilant at all times when you leave your house. Always do what you can control and stay away from what you can't control!
  13. Well, so are you. Hahaha!!! I like to apply for a co-branded Visa card issued by Synch or Comenity, the card name Farmer Insurance. I really wish another bank took the helm and snatch this cobranded card away from these evil twins so I could apply! Hahaha!!!
  14. Synch Bank issues many credit cards. I love applying to them for some cards, but I don't like Synch's policy of closing customer accounts for no reason, I just don't like the hassle of constantly reminding myself in my head that Synch might close my account!
  15. It's almost like your private identifiable info is becoming publicized whether you like it or not! Just look at how many corporations, financial institutions, and credit agencies have gotten your personal info. Once an entity gets hacked or has been breached or a disgruntled employee or ex-employee stole sensitive info, these are all potential risks for everybody, then, what is the solution to rectify the constant risk? None! You just need to beware of things by taking steps like freezing your credit reports, monitoring all accounts, and changing passwords if needed.
  16. I have not encountered any adverse action from creditors. I was recently notified by the issuer, Capital One bank, that an account review of my credit line may be lowered to a lower credit limit due to my unsatisfactory usage of the credit line. However, I opted out of the account review and spent a lot of money to avoid the account being potentially CLD. I am a prime credit customer who avoided Capital One bank for three consecutive years of credit limit decreased policy. Capital One bank is trending in the direction of Synch, unfortunately!
  17. Policy-wise was normal when Synch was formerly GE as other issuers were in business until it became Synch's name brand, but I believe the credit card portfolio still belongs to GE. I think Synch is a subsidiary of GE and it is the parent company. Now, 6-8 years ago, people gave Synch a good reputation as their credit rebuilding lender for newly bankruptcy discharge candidates, because Synch had a division called "Credit Solutions" for increasing their credit card limits, it is said Such a department can instantly turn your toy limit card into a 5-digit line of credit. Hahaha! Anecdotes like these circulated on these and other credit forums, sending a flood of credit builders flocking to Synch. There is a feeling that these mediocre profiles are in debt and they need to be filled or padded, who better than Synch an intermediary solution to the usage problem, just three to five Synch credit cards can get you around $50K to $80K's credit limit. I believe this is the culprit behind Synch's revised loan policy. Relying on Synch for help has also been a disaster so far, because when they close all your accounts as the issuer, they take all $60k of credit, which can lead to a huge drop in your credit score, If your utilization is 30% to 40%, it's even worse. Bank of America is also brutal in a way. There is a person with a total credit limit of $700,000, and his 20% utilization causes Bank of America to close all 3 credit cards as an issuer.
  18. "Underwrite" here point to Synch's undertakes liability of risk! For example, if you have a high balance on just one card or a late or returned payment, they will close all of their accounts as the issuer.
  19. I'm really sorry because it's infuriating that you feel the way I mentioned Synch, Synch is a weirdo! Do you also have a lot of Comenity cards or high limits? They are Synch's evil twin. They often "underwrite" their credit decisions and shut folks down. they will close all accounts that they are the issuer of. I think it's like 70K or more, but if you have a $35K Lowes card and a few others, it's easy to hit their freak-out button. Going forward I'm trying to warn you not to apply for cards administered by Synch in the above thread. I had no idea that Synch routinely shuts down all of a person's accounts, for no apparent reason. It's terrible how they do things, I hope this helps whether you decide to apply for the card or not! ETA - Did you ask? What does "take a significant risk to them" mean? This means your credit limit exposure is too high according to considered by Synch.
  20. I must warn you, Sidewinder, be careful of your wishes! I have never opened a credit account with them and will never apply for any products through them. If you take a significant risk to them, they will ruin your credit report! After some unprecedented credit practices in the lending industry, I know myself as a credit addict and will never give them any leeway to become a trusted lender again! End the rant!
  21. I think the credit card might move to Coinbase card maintenance management since Coinbase only has a debit card portfolio and hasn't built any credit card business yet. If BlockFi does go down as Blispay has suffered recently. BlockFi Visa has plenty of options to continue adapting to new institutional ascendancy and plenty of fintech crypto neobanks that don't mind acquiring it.
  22. Dang! What was the question about forgiveness?
  23. FTFY! Hahaha!!! Can you substantiate that every bank utilized EWS?
  24. The number leading to 1008 is the account to be identified, such as 0-9 of any number before 1008, which can be 01008, 21008, 91008, and the like. 100 is the primary card membership number or the basic card membership identification number. The supplementary card of the authorized person number or authorized a user number is a number other than 100, such as 101, 102, 103, etc.
  25. Geez! Why can't people stop buying stuff if they don't have the money to pay for it?
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