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  1. WOW , so much information to go through ! Thanks a lot !!!! Any other info is always welcome !!! I'm curious what the best way of getting rid of old charges would be ? I'm practically a virgin in terms of credit history. No school loans, always use prepaid cell phones and now Metropcs (convenience), and no other loans or anything at all. I don't have any negatives on my account other than that () How would i go about possibly getting Cap One to take the charge off if the statue of limitations has passed? Also does the statute of limitations refer to my state of residence or does it refer to Cap One's base of operations ? As well as : does the statute of limitations begin to countdown the day that the account was closed ? (If so, that means that the satute of limitations would be up next february ) Plan of attack : Seems like i'm going to try and get a couple $500 secured cards instead of the one large one i was trying to get. I'll work to keep them used under 25% and pay off the full amounts before the statement date. Future possibility : Im' also trying to save up to buy a motorcycle ($4000 maybe .. roughly ) , I figure I'll save up the money cash and figure out a way to finance it through some cards... all just so i can pay it back ASAP (i;'d have the cash in hand)
  2. Thanks for the info David ! Any suggestions on what other Secured cards would be good to apply/get? Are there any secured cards that refund the deposit in under a year (just curious, as there credit is more important to me at this point than the cash itself) Do you know, roughly, how long it would be before seeing an improvement in my score if i, say for example, were to get 2 or 3 more secured cards with $1000 each ?
  3. Hi everyone! Here's My situation: back in May 2008 Ii decided to start building up some credit (don't' remember my score back then .. but it was pretty much nonexistent.) and had applied for one of those Capital One starter/student cards. I was approved for the usual low limit of $300. One thing led to another due to a domino effect of a single missing payment and the fees started piling on over the course of a few months to the point where i now owed $1798 bucks (i know .. I know...) . The account was closed in Feb 2010. and went off to collections In hindsight, I wish i would've payed more attention to it since at this stage in the game i'd probably have a couple high limitcards by now. I'm generally very responsible, always pay my bills on time and never buy things i can't afford. Fast-Forward to today : My credit score is 560. I've applied to a couple cards once every now and then but never got approved. Until now that is. I was able to get approved to a Credit One Gas Rewards card. Beggars can't be choosers, so i went with it. Very high APR and low limit ($300... deja vu) . I'm happy about it though! It's a start! It's been about a week and i have maxed it out and also payed it off (this included their 75 $ fee +225 balance). I've also been "approved" for a Capital One Secured Master card which I'm saving up to put a decent deposit on in order to have a higher initial limit. I'd like to place at least $1000 minimum on it. But realistically I'd like to put something more along the lines of 3 or 4 grand. (max is $10k with capital one right ? ) I have until July 8th to make the deposit. So my questions for you all are: What can someone in my situation do to speed up the process a bit ? I know things may take time but i'm sure there must be some way to gain at least a hundred points by the end of the year, right ? How fast, or slow do these things actually go. Assuming that I use the cards and pay them off immediately. And would having multiple smaller secured cards from different banks/companies be better than a single larger one? Thanks in advance!!
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