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  1. I also have student debt (& a PhD). I get where you're coming from. You may have to wait until you have a job where you earn enough income to qualify for a mortgage. Not all lenders will lend to those who are on the PSLF plan, but there are some who will. Basically, you will be paying around 15% of your income to your student loans until your loans come up for forgiveness in 10 years (unless politicians make a change--and if they do, let's hope it's in our favor). They will use the remaining income (minus other payments, e.g., car pmnt, credit card pmts) to calculate your debt
  2. I am in a similar situation (looking for a HELOC on a home I own with no mortgage). I recently had a conversation with my CU who told me that they don't really look at credit ratings so much for HELOCs. They look at amount of equity you have in the home, & your ability to repay (wages/income). For example, it sounds like you have $150,000 in equity. They would loan you up to 80% of that. The credit score was less important, she said. Hope that helps.
  3. Okay, wow. I was reading the thread (posted above) and decided to give TU a whirl. I disputed online with TU - I checked the 'too old to be reporting' box. It came back within an hour! It's been deleted! Onward to EX and EQ (will probably just call them). I'll keep you posted. Thanks you guys!!!!!
  4. Thank you, shifter! Do you think I would have better luck calling them, writing or trying online?
  5. I couldn't find it either. That's why I posted this question. Thanks for checking in though.
  6. On the paper reports: Equifax states "The account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2020." It does not have DOFD listed. Only Date opened & First reported (May 2016). TransUnion states "Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 03/2020" Placed for collection 03/31/2016 Experian states "Date of 1st Deliquency: 04/2013" This makes me wonder if I should start calling them and asking them nicely to removed them early. Ideas?
  7. Hello All! It's been a while since I've posted, so hoping I've posted in the right place. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Any advice/thoughts are welcome! Well, good news here. I only have ONE negative left on my CRAs! Thanks again CreditBoards! I'm prepping to apply for a HELOC (house is paid off - would like a safety net) and also to buy another home, so I've been working on getting my report in shape before the upcoming recession. My question is for Creditboards folks 1. What is the best way
  8. Update: I called the OC (Comcast) and I was not successful in getting the account removed from the CRAs, even though they claimed they would call it back from the CA. I recently wrote to the CRAs and included it in my 1-2 punch letters, along with a few other accounts. I basically wrote that I never had any dealings with that CA and asked for proof that I had paid any money to that CA. I just looked and it's disappeared from all 3 CRAs. Good luck all!
  9. Hello Compared, To find out exactly what loans she has out, she would go to nslds.ed.gov To pay them off, she could go to the Navient website and find the payoff amount for that day. It's pretty intuitive. They've been pretty helpful (I just dealt with them again). If they're private loans, then it's a different deal (and not at all in my wheelhouse). I hope that helps! BMTH
  10. Okay, great. Thank you so much. I will give them a call then, and see what happens (and report back). [Mine was also 100+ dollars, paid in full, though I am not a customer right now] Thanks again!
  11. I'm bumping this post because I read this post had a similar situation, called comcast (OC) and paid them directly, and now the CA has changed the status of the collection to 'paid in full'. I have never contacted the CA and did not pay them. So my question; what's the best way to tackle this (and get the CA off my credit report)? A 1-2 punch? Many thanks in advance!
  12. I agree. Have a look at the websites listed above, then go to the cruise company website to book the cruise (e.g., norwegian cruise lines, etc.). Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
  13. I just called 888-298-0045 (Equifax) and they deleted the old address and the comment (or said they did). I should get an email confirming this within 30 days. I'll keep you posted. BMTH
  14. I had a consumer statement that just showed an incorrect address on it. Which was weird. The same incorrect address was also showing in the addresses section of the report. Not knowing how to remove it from the consumer statements section just yet, I decided to go through their online dispute system to have this old address removed (from the 'addresses' section). Here is the result: >>> We have reviewed the consumer statement. The results are: The Following Consumer Statement Has Been Added/Updated To Your Credit File As You Had Requested. re: PO BOX 123 SUNSHINE COLORADO
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