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  1. I still have my scores. I just checked my Everyday card and I got a Dec 1 update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Also, all of my limits have been raising lately (mostly store cards tho). I am a heavy credit user and sometimes pay more than my minimum and other months just minimum, it varies month to month. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Kudos on the subject matter! I don’t have any answer for ya but I will be watching for them as these are great questions for a new thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Rockville Centre
  5. Since that post, all three scores are between 682 and 687 and I have been approved at 4%. prime plus .5 I believe and my house appraised (drive by) for $364,000. I am just wondering if its a good deal or not. I must take an initial draw of $25,000 with interest only payments for one year. Is this the norm for these kinds of loans?
  6. CarGar

    Citi Simplicity

    Long Island
  7. Chase Slate started me at $3500 and my scores were about the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hello everyone! I need my garage rebuilt (emergency) and am looking into options to get my hands on approximately $15,000. I'm looking at an approximate LTV of 50-55%. I presently owe about $160,000. My income is $120,000. Credit scores are in the 657-687 range. Utilization is about 60%. Some cards close to limit and some a very low or zero balance. Is a HELOC a wise (or possible) option for me?
  9. CarGar

    HELOC questions

    Im no expert, but I heard that turning unsecured debt into secured debt is a bad idea. Default on a credit card and you get bad credit. Default on a HELOC and you get put out. I know that wasn't and answer to your question, just something to think about.
  10. CarGar


    Long Island
  11. Does this hold true if the OC is doing the reporting? (Sorry, don't mean to hi jack)
  12. This Verizon issue is still nagging at me. The fact that it is first reporting as a collection as of MAR and APR of 2015 worries me. This date in the very least should have been 2011. Especially when full payment was made JAN 2015. How can they report it as a collection AFTER full payment is made? How can I find out DOFD? Does this mean it will stay on my report for 7 years after 2015? What recourse do I have if not to get it deleted but to at least have the dates corrected?
  13. How old is the card that you PC'd? I believe July made a year? So 1 year 3mos.
  14. I just PC'd my C1 to a QS1 last week then today asked for a cli via luv button and they increased it $1500>2000. I don't know their rules but it seemed to not make a difference after the PC. I actually did all my cards (off topic) and came away with a total of $4500 thru cli's on 3 cards.

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