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  1. I started with this secured card in August 2015 with a limit of less than $1000 and in 6 months got it to a $6000 limit. I used it like a debit visa because I thought it would assist my standing. Then it got to 90+ utility last fall and then look to them to see if they would unsecure card, thinking with the movement of the card and usually making multiple payments a month, they would look to unsecure. Also applied for another Visa card, But no go in anything... 35-45 days later, reallty frustrated, I apply for a ploc. And I apply for PenFed Visa as well. Un-explainedly, I was approve
  2. I had 5 collections deleted from my Equifax credit report in the early part of December, however the all reappeared. Does that enhance my ability to dispute with CRA? I have tried making sense of WhyChat 3 times and still have more questions/confusions. 1) Is the only reason to OptOut so as to not get bank offers? 2) Is the reason to dispute all previous addresses so creditors can not validate the debt to that address? 3) How long should I plan on expecting this to be resolved? I may just contact the CO to get the matter behind me. Thanks for any input you have.
  3. OK, I'll play. I owe it to y'all, I'm starting my credit journey--again. I was here 8-10 years ago and built up $2-300,000 in credit trying to keep myself together as the 2008-2009 fiasco took place. I was in RE and construction and stayed afloat for a few years. But it was not to be. So I weathered the storm and want to build my life back up again. I don't have much credit yet but a lot of drive and patience. This site has been very instrumental in my development and I have no doubt the I can not only do it again, but better. I want to thank Mr M, CV, and many others who contribute their
  4. Thanks! Just got Pen Fed CC; going to add to CP DB.
  5. Anyone know who they pull for credit? Not in DP. Thanks!
  6. Do you know who they pull when applying for credit? There's no mention in data base pulls. Thanks for the response!
  7. Very disappointing but thank you for the information especially in the middle of the night!
  8. I know they have a long memory. I owe them $300-400 from 30+ years and it would be great to get back in with them especially if they would backdate the acct! Is it possible??
  9. Anyone know the criteria for Amex to backdate an acct? I know they keep information forever and the last time I applied was 20 years ago and they STILL remembered me by my SS#. So what would I have to meet; I only owe them 300-400 dollars. It would be a game changer to have an acct 30+ years old!
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