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  1. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    Question for Konrad.......I was just wondering how you treat a new credit card obtained specifically for MS. I ask this in the context of my new Alliant credit card that you recommended that I have actually been a little timid with after getting shutdown by Barclays and not knowing whether Alliant generally cares or not. For this month it actually worked out that I was a little reluctant to MS on it because 3 days after getting the card the statement closed which surprised me....I was not happy about it as they reported a balance though it could have been a lot worse I guess had they closed the statement after I ramped up the MS.... they didn't give any indication of when the statement would close when I opened it, just the first payment due date that is next month and so I naturally assumed that the close date would have been around then as most of all my credit cards I have ever opened seem to operate that way. At 3% cash back for the first year and then 2.5% thereafter, I want to find that balance of hitting the card enough to make it worthwhile while not losing it to a shutdown.....hence my question on how you approach new cards. Thanks
  2. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    This isn't a MS speed Bump comment or question but I thought it would belong in this particular forum. I save all my actual gift cards, MO slips and all transaction receipts connected to the MS process. The thing is, I am building quite a pile of this essential documentation. If the worst scenario was ever to happen and the IRS wanted to see the evidence of my MS would they accept electronic scans of everything or do I need to hold onto the actual physical evidence for the 7 years regardless if scan the gift cards and receipts??
  3. leedspaddy

    Alliant CU

  4. leedspaddy

    Capital One lands the big fish — Walmart credit cards

    Not that I am really that interested in doing so but if I wanted to get a walmart credit card should I do it before crap one takes over next year especially as crap one have effectively banned me. My wife does have a walmart mastercard through synchrony and she too was shut down by capital one......is she likely to lose the account?
  5. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    HI Konrad, your insight is much appreciated, I will take a look at the 3% cards you mentioned. Stupid question though, if I am getting a card specifically for MS, how am I supposed to avoid getting the sign up bonuses....Do I avoid cards with sign up bonuses or just not MS on the card until I meet the bonus through regular spend or become ineligible for the bonus?????...the sign up bonuses are nice to have but not as important to me as finding a card for MS that pays at least 2% and doesn't have a tendency to shut you down.
  6. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    Hey folks, any chance you could give me a heads up on any MS-friendly cards I could get to replace the barclays I just lost. I was thinking of applying for AMEX again just to see if they have taken me of their blacklist and if a miracle happens in that they have become my friend again are they a good company to MS on or not.....and by good I mean that they don't shut you down immediately at the first hint of MS. Aside from Amex, I would appreciate any suggestions for anyone else I should look at for MSing?
  7. Konrad told me that it would be a simple phone call to the CRAs to have the "closed by credit grantor" remarks removed or changed on my credit reports. I do quite a lot of MSing and I just had my barclays shut down because of it. I realize that the remarks themselves don't affect my credit score but I am concerned that a new creditor will question why I have multiple accounts listed as "closed by credit grantor". I have called the CRAs before to get "account in dispute" remarks removed with no problem but are they likely to question or set up a dispute if I ask for the comments to be deleted completely or even better changed to "Account closed by consumer".....I mean do they really care???? I just want to make sure I am not opening a new can of worms by making the call.
  8. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    A question I can do 10-15K a month on each of my 4 MS-centric cards (now 3). Obviously the creditors don't like customers who pay them no interest and builds up the rewards. Outside of stopping MS, would spreading my MS over more cards thus lowering the amount I charge to any one particular creditor make me less of a target for shutdown? When it came to Barclays, I honestly thought (wrongly as it turned out) that if I mixed in a lot of regular spending, they would ignore my MS, which they did for 3 years until last week. So does anyone have any recommendations for cards I could apply for that are potentially MS-sort-of-friendly to replace my Barclays.....in other words don't shut you down instantly.
  9. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    So I don't have to file a dispute to get the notations changed then? Shouldn't I also just get the notations deleted instead of changed to "closed by consumer" as I would be surprised if the credit bureaus would even let me do that? Also won't the notations just get changed back when barclays reports......or will they stop reporting as soon as the balance is zero and there is no further activity seeing as they shut me down when I had a balance?
  10. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    I was doing anywhere from 10 -15K a month on Barclays. I also don't have many options where I live to buy GCs using a credit card except my local grocery chain so I have been using that same vendor to buy the GCs.....so does getting shut down burn all bridges with that creditor going forward???
  11. leedspaddy

    M$ speed bumps

    So I had a MS speed bump today.........Barclays shut me down for my MS spending which was initially a bummer but I think it was time to move on from them anyway especially after viewing their poor card selection. I don't know if the fact that they had phased out the type of card I had played an additional role in their decision to shut me down.....I just find it a little strange why they would do it now especially as I have been doing MS on this account for 3 years straight with no problem. A couple of questions, I know getting shut down for MS can be a common occurrence and that people say that having the comments on the credit reports that the creditor shut me down doesn't have any effect but won't other creditors start to wonder if they see that I was shut down......or do creditors just don't pay attention to closed accounts? Also, for those of you who have been shut down for MS, does that burn all bridges permanently with the creditor, not that I want to get back in with Barclays but it would be good to know what I should expect going forward if I continue MS.
  12. So in a couple of months, my last negative will disappear from my CRAs and I am hoping my credit score will finally start moving up from the 740s where it has not budged from in a year despite having 0% util and PIF each month. I seem to be getting a lot of 0% BT offers recently and I was thinking of taking advantage of at least one of them to clear some of my wife's debt. Obviously taking on the debt will lower my score so I wanted to mitigate it as much as I can by not over doing how much I take on. So I always thought that say for instance the BT card has a limit of 25K, I should always aim to keep the amount of debt I transfer to below half of the available credit......is that right? Also if I take on all of her debt (20K) and spread it over two of my accounts, that will take my overall Util for all of my accounts to just over 10%.........how damaging would that be to my score? Lastly, would my other creditors freak if all they have seen for the last few years is 0% util and PIF each month and all of a sudden 10 or 20K or debt materializes on my CRAs? Thanks for any insight.
  13. leedspaddy

    Is PenFed's credit score a true reflection

    The late is my student loan but it doesn't list the 30 or 60 day.......just the 90 and 120 day so I am not sure how that is going to work with regards it being removed......I'll still assume that the removal will be October but one can hope that it is gone sooner.
  14. So I was just on my PenFed account and looked at my credit score. It states that it is a FICO 9 Equifax score. All my FICO 8 scores range between 730 and 750 with my Equifax Fico 8 score 742. According to PenFed, I have a score of 793. Now I have a hard time believing this because there is still a 90 / 120 late on my reports that is due to fall off in Sept / Oct. With my FICO 8 scores I have been within the same range pretty much for a year now with nothing changing on my reports and I just assumed that it was the last remaining negative holding me back....so my question is......what are the major differences between Fico 8 and 9 that could explain the difference in scores for the same information ( That is if the PenFed score is not a some kind of FAKO score of course).

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