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  1. I have been in a chapter 13 bankruptcy for two years. Three more to go. My loan is owned by Fannie Mae. Serviced by PHH. 85% LTV. I am in an adjustable rate and would llke to get into a fixed rate. I know trustee has to approve but don't even want to ask if not possible. Thanks for any insights.
  2. I emailed PHH in an effort to learn if my loan is owned by Fannie Mae. I had already used the the Fannie Mae too that "looks up" the loan. It found no match. Here is the response from PHH: " Fannie Mae is the investor of the loan. The loan is through UMB Bank, any issues on the loan need to go through us as we are the servicer. If there are changes or modifications that need to be made to the loan, that needs to be done through us. We will contact the investors to get the proper approval to make the necessary changes." Does this mean Fannie Mae does own my loan? Can I get the new refinance? Any help much appreciated!
  3. 866-864-8030. Did a search and couldn't find these guys. Any help appreciated.
  4. It looks to me like match.com took it off and put it back on!! I have been having an ongoing saga with my BOA check card. I had some unauthorized internet charges. I wrote a letter thinking that would preserve my rights. Got a form letter back insisting I call. I know better. A phone call does not preserve your dispute rights. I emailed the CEO at Ken.D.Lewis@bankofamerica.com. Executive consumer services is now processing the dispute per Regulation E of the Electronic Transfer Act. I suggest you email the above account. Insist on a Regulation E dispute form. Document everything (including e-mails). If they do not respond, you can appeal to the Office of the Comptroller and file a complaint. The banks do respond to the OCC.
  5. Thanks for the input. I didn't want to sound like I was trying to be an attorney. Maybe I should "formalize" it. Do you think they would consider it more seriously?
  6. Probably. Depends on the size of the payment they want.
  7. Bump. Board is moving reallllly!! fast.
  8. I want to make a repayment plan before they sue. I am fairly sure that is their next step. What do you think? They have threatened a judgment followed by garnishment. Garnishment is a real possibility. This letter is in reference to account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This letter is an offer to amicably settle the above account. It is not to be construed as an acknowledgment of my liability for this debt in any form. I am faced with a dilemma. If I work out a payment plan with your firm and the payment is too much and for too long, where I and my dependent can’t live, I might as well declare Chapter 13, make a similar payment and discharge all my creditors after five years. I have done preliminary research on the Chapter 13 filing and know about how much my trustee payment would be. I owe over $30,000 to revolving creditors and have a high house payment with very little, if any, equity in my home. I am behind on my car payment and have a 30 days rolling-late on my mortgage. If I have to pay back the entire $15000 + at 30% interest, then the Chapter 13 is a no brainer. As far as garnishment, I can retire at anytime under my retirement plan. I didn’t want to because I enjoy my work, but I understand it is quite difficult to garnish a government pension. Do you think we can work out a reduced settlement amount to be paid in monthly installments? I would like to work with you on this but I have to consider my other creditors and my dependent. Please put all correspondence in writing. No telephone calls, please. Sincerely, xxxxxxx
  9. If the bank has an N/A attached to the end of its name, then the Office of the Comptroller is the correct site.
  10. Here's the scenario. Home was purchased in 11/05. (I now know this is called no seasoning). Purchase price 80,300. Appraised value 86,000. (Realtor desk appraisal 92000). Borrowed 100% of 80300. 7.625 rate but $140 PMI. Monthly gross $3400. Monthly debt including mortgage @1600. Mid Fico has been ranging between 580-620 due to discharged bankruptcy 4/03 and high utilization. (and I completed too many online appls!) Would like to lower payments and/or get cash out to pay off car (3400/$208 payment of above) Never any mortgage lates. 125% equity would be great. (yes, I understand the risks and the higher costs, but still cheaper than the personal loan I am now responsible for with Beneficial--30%) Any relief would help. I have worked for same employer for 16 years and recently moved because of a divorce (complicated) Can anyone suggest a lender that would touch this? Two local brokers have been of no help.
  11. my midscore is 620, but I'm afraid another inquiry could drop it (like looking for preapproval). All bills paid on time since bankruptcy. Mortgage never late (even before bankruptcy). What lenders will look at me with this high back-end DTI?
  12. Here's the situation: Currently selling home because of pending divorce gross annual salary: 40000 monthly debt (without housing): 860 bankurptcy discharged 4/03 looking for a home 80-85000 little or no down payment Any hope?
  13. My account was already charged off before bk. No they did not come after my husband, but instead listed it as a charge-off on his account. TU and EQ removed a long time ago, but EX still lists it with original charge off date as 7/01 and a second date with 3/04.
  14. We had a joint account. When I filed individual bankruptcy, it was discharged, but since it is a joint account (not authorized user), the co-applicant is then responsible for the debt and, yes, the account can then be reported on spouse's credit reports. My problem has been Experian won't reinvestigate. They are listing the account as co'd with two different dates.
  15. We had something similar happen, only we had signed the final papers. The lender said they "forgot" to include 1300 on the administrativce fee line of the HUD 1. Funds had already been dispersed except for the $1300. They sent us a revised HUD-1 and asked us to back date it. I told them I was not comfortable doing that. The closer was supposed to get back to me and has not (two weeks ago.)

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