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  1. sounds like Barclay's would love him also I think i've read on here about people getting COs removed early and if some of those are almost 7 years, he probably should do that on Trans Union before he applies. personally if i was him, i would just still try to get stuff off early and wait it out until all four are off all three reports, then apply for whatever card he really wants and will really use for a very long time. that way he doesn't waste an inquiry and have to start from the bottom in terms of an initial credit line. but 90 percent of people on here know more than me about
  2. My SOL in my state is 3 years. My DOFD on Citi was 05/2009. Midland started reporting 07/2011
  3. So you did or didn't send in your full bank statements for the two months that showed payment to Capital One/Kohl's? If you did and they still say no go then I guess you can try a CFPB complaint but I'm not a CFPB expert. There are a few on here that are if you search a bit. I'd also would prefer to fax it to them rather than email and google the fax number to make sure it is Capital One/Kohl's. I wouldn't send my bank statements to anyone without verifying that the contact is the original creditor. Maybe others on here would have better advice.
  4. There are other great CU in the US you might be able to join that offer great rates and products as well (although USAA is a bank). Maybe try looking up one in your area? I'm sure there has to be a decent one in the area you live in. There is a national credit union list that shows by state. I think you can google, yahoo or bing it. Hope that helps
  5. 1. It wont effect your FICO's differently than any other new account 2. Debatable if it would cause other issues. If you have other unsecured cards, I wouldn't think so. 3. No, the card doesn't say "Secured", or "I am a bum", or anything else with a derogatory connotation. It will look just like any other BofA Rewards. Of course, WE know the truth. +1 Looks like the normal one and everything else Konrad said
  6. how do I PM someone on here?
  7. I was able to get my CO with Citi/Shell removed 1.5 years early through Citi on EQ and EX so far (TU must update slower). Is there anything I can do about the CA with Midland for the same account or do I need to still wait 1.5 years for it to fall off? It updates monthly.
  8. I have four secured cards (don't throw tomatoes at me lol). I've learned that sometimes it's harder to graduate cards with higher limits because the lender may not be comfortable issuing a 10K unsecured card (after graduation), as to something like a 3K card. The banker at Wells Fargo and Navy Federal both told me that.
  9. If they are military or NSA they can join Tower Federal. They soft pull Experian though, not Equifax.
  10. Is Junk debt, debt that is past the SOL? Guess I don't know the difference between Junk Debt and CA when I read about them on here.
  11. If you want a CC, get a Cap One card with little history or a secured card. Please don't make the mistake I did and apply for Credit One or a similar type bank. Preferably a secured card that graduates. Some secured cards have stricter requirements than others from those that I've applied for in my rebuilding stage. First Bankcard and Citi seemed to be the most picky. Wells Fargo, Navy Federal (if you can get membership) and Bank of America were easier. I even had old COs with Bank of America still reporting on my report and got the 99/500 Bank of America Cash Rewards partially secu
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