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  1. Ok, so I got this thing in the mail from Time Warner Cable that says I can have basic cable, digital phone, and Roadrunner "lite" for $29.95 for each service. I presently have the bundle with the phone company (regular phone, DSL, and DirectV). The Time Warner bundle seems like a good deal and would save me some money each month (which I desperately need right now), but I want to make sure it really is a good deal before I sign up. Also, I think I've seen it mentioned here that some people switch back & forth to get good deals. I don't want to call & order the Time Warner stuff,
  2. I recently pulled my TU report (which I normally don't check that often) and found a hard pull on my report from Performance Capital Mgt. So, I fired off a non-pp letter. Their response stated that they attempted to obtain documents from the OC (the debt is from 2001, btw, but they just purchased it this year), but were unable to and have now closed the account. However, the hard inquiry remains on my report. If they had no documentation to validate the debt, there's no way they had pp, right? Where do I go from here? I'd like to send them a letter with a copy of the NC Statute sta
  3. My fiance' insists that, at one time, he used to pay all of his bills with his rewards card, including other credit cards, in order to earn miles. I'm confused. Is it even possible to pay one card with another? Wouldn't that be considered a balance transfer and generally have fees involved? Or am I missing something?
  4. I did report them to the FTC. Unfortunately, the FTC just sends out a "form" letter and really doesn't do anything. I'll try the other things mentioned, however. Thanks.
  5. I received a letter from LHR back in October stating that I owe them $700. I immediately DV'd them; no response. In November, they began reporting to all 3 CRAs. Did the 1-2 punch. No response again. On Dec. 11th, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Here is their response: Please be advised I am in receipt of the above complaint. We received tamarind's request for documentation on November 1, 2006 and ordered docs from Sun Com the same day. Those docs have not been received by our office, and as always, all collection activity ceases during the period when we await docs from the o
  6. I work for a law firm and let me reiterate the importance of consulting with an attorney. The "Do it yourself" Will kits are usually not state-specific, and each state has different laws regarding Wills & Estates. Another thing an attorney can help you with is whether or not you also need a Living Will and/or Health Care Power of Attorney, etc. Plus, you want to make sure you have what's known as "self-proving" Wills. You just can't get the kind of info you need if you try to do it on your own. The attorney in my firm charged $300 for Will prep. Call around and get some estimat
  7. Thank you for the response. I do have a paper trail, but don't have an attorney. I haven't been able to find one in my area listed on the website that is often referenced here. I'm ready to find one, though. I faxed HSBC Mtg. a nasty letter last night. I just have a feeling that they get my letters and find them entertaining.
  8. When I purchased my home, my scores were pulled when I first applied for my mortgage, and then again right before closing. Are refis the same way? I just applied, and my refi should close within a few weeks, so I was curious as to whether my scores would be pulled again in such a short timeframe.
  9. I was just checking my Experian report and noticed that for the FOURTH time, HSBC Mtg. is reporting incorrectly. They keep reporting a balance which is higher than the original amount of my mortgage, making it appear that I'm "over the limit", which I'm sure isn't affecting my scores favorably. Each time this happens, I fax them a letter and dispute with the CRAs, and it's usually fixed within a few days. The last time this happened (last month), after disputing it, they ended up reporting to TU that I was past due; I have NEVER been past due!!! In fact, I always pay extra principal with e
  10. We didn't choose the closing lawyer or the notary - the lawyer picked the notary. Sounds to me like your closing agent/attorney is the one at fault here because they contracted with the notary, who is the one who screwed up, I assume (I'm not sure what time you met w/the notary; did he/she have enough time to get the docs in the UPS box before the pickup time?).
  11. Because we live 500 miles away. She didn't ask if we wanted to do it this way, she told us it was how it would be done. I was not impressed with the guy and think that rather than UPS missing the package in the box, he dropped it off after ups got that box. That's what it sounds like--that UPS had already picked up by the time the notary got there. Did you choose the closing agent, or did someone else? What a mess! We sometimes do "mail-away" closings (when our buyers are out of state, etc.), but we let them find their own notary and get the package back to us themselves.
  12. The hazard (homeowner's) insurance is not effective until the deed is recorded, nor is the property yours, so DO NOT have a locksmith change the locks and move into the house. If the house were to burn down before the deed is recorded, the seller's insurance company would be liable because it is still their house. Unfortunately, delays do occur and people end up in all kinds of screwed up situations. Why on earth did the closing agent have a notary do your closing?
  13. The more I talk to people and the more I think about it, the more I'm liking the I/O. From what I understand, the advantages for me at this point are: -Having the option to concentrate on and put more payments toward my higher-interest, revolving debt, thereby getting it paid off more quickly -If there ever is a tight month, the option of just paying the interest is there, should I choose to I can't imagine NOT paying anything toward principal, though, and I intend to make payments toward principal every month. I'm definitely not one of those folks using the I/O option to get
  14. I believe that the reason it was offered is because I have one last charge-off on my reports, which apparently affected my qualifying for the best rates? My DTI is a bit on the high side as well. However, the rate that was offered with the I/O is pretty good, and a good deal better than what I have now. This is my primary residence, however; I am not looking to flip the property & plan to remain here for many years.
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