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  1. I was recently billed for my trip to the ER. I received two bills for the same date of the ER. First bill: $700.00 which matches my EOB from my insurance provider Second bill: $353.50 (patients balance/deductable) which shows date of dervice, providers name, charges, credits and remaining balance. *charges are $505.00 which are not explained *credits are $151.50 I am thinking that the 2nd bill is either fraudulent or is money for the Dr. who saw me. I say this because the $700 bill is what matches from the health insurance provider as my EOB. Please let me know what you think. Thankd so much!
  2. Thank you. I did not know it did that. I will surely opt out.
  3. So with you mortgage it was a private lender? We aren't married yet but I know USDA wants income from everyone in the home. Yes, the DTI is my student loan and estimated mortgage I am comfortable paying. (Currently saving for kids college) so mortgage will be no more than 1200/month which goes really far in this city.
  4. Thank you WhyChat. I will follow the method I will be applying for a mortage after this is removed, shooting for June or July this year or until this removed. How long is the opt out process? I opted out back in August 2016.
  5. Hello, I have a genuine question to ask before I start the home loan search in June. I currently make 70K$ and will be in the home buying process in June of this year. I only have my student loan debt and pay 1K$ in rent. I am looking to finance through FHA or USA and I know the stipulations of both. However, my finance (who has his own job) does not file taxes because his company does not provide W-2’s. I know with both loan options the lender will want to our see tax returns in order to qualify for a mortgage. We have two children and I know that I can qualify on my own as my DTI is 24% and a 700 credit score. I don’t want to hinder this process, but at this point I do not know what to do, or am I over thinking this process? Any advice is beneficial. Thank you!
  6. Morning, I just have a quick question. I noticed on my credit reports a collection account that was paid to the Original Creditor a while back. I have a copy of my original check that was withdrawn from my account and wanted to call the OC for confirmation (in writing) of the withdraw. With this payment do I need to dispute through the WhyChat Method? Thanks in Advance!
  7. Hello, I have a Capital One auto account that is currently reporting current for 3 years now and my last delinquent payments were in 2015: 60 days July, 30 days August. Since then, all is current as of September 2015 and will be completely paid off July 2019. My question is the inquiry is reporting as "potentially negative" on Experian. Is there any possible way to change this? Or should I just wait to have it paid off? I this initially thinking that could possibly effect my credit score with that statement of "potentially negative" as we will be in the process of buying a home in June of this year. Thanks in advance for any and all answers!
  8. LohaLonnie

    Buying Land

    My family and I are looking at land to purchase to start building our family home. We live in GA and land in southern GA is decent for the amount of acres you get. We found land for 5.4 acres for $89k. Researched the actual value through the county website and it values at $24.5k. I'm assuming the owner wants to make a nice little profit. It's been on the market since 2015. Would it be ok to negotiate the price? ... Not looking to spend 90k on land.
  9. What happened? Were these accounts removed after you sent your letters?
  10. Credit Score Update: Well we move in 11 days to our new construction apartment! Hardwood Floors, Granite Countertops and so much more. Was approved on October 22 and Credit score rose to 90 points. YEP and BOOM!. So happy and thankful. Thank you @Gottahaveit609 for your help and advise. Made some changes without the burden of getting any extra "plastic" Truly Thankful. Cant wait to move in and love my new score. GOD IS TOO GOOD!
  11. Bills are paid for a whole year now and still no increase in score. All I have been hearing is get plastic. Why? I don't see how that will help in this situation sense some will be hard pulls and a tank the score because of it.
  12. one word: plastics. I truly think the credit system is backwards! So people who don't use so may plastics are being penalized for not having "plastic" debt. Its insane! Just doesn't make sense to have $50k+ in plastic debt

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