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  1. Discover CLI from 18K to 23K. My biggest Discover CLI ever. Last CLI was Jan 2019 for 2K .
  2. Also BP gas Visa card is FAKO now. Time to close it
  3. I just tried Lowes and it's switching to Garbage score as well.
  4. https://www.wlwt.com/article/detection-of-enriched-uranium-forces-closure-of-pike-county-school/27458155 PIKE COUNTY, Ohio — A Pike County, Ohio, middle school has been closed after enriched uranium was discovered inside. The enriched uranium was detected inside Zahn's Corner Middle School, according to a letter from the Scioto Valley Local School District. The letter states the U.S. Department of Energy air monitor adjacent to the middle school also detected neptunium 237 -- a byproduct of nuclear reactors and plutonium production.
  5. https://www.stripes.com/news/black-mold-rats-and-lead-survey-of-military-families-paints-slum-like-picture-of-housing-on-us-bases-1.568455 For thousands of servicemembers and their families, military housing is decrepit, dangerous and inescapable, according to survey results released Wednesday by an armed services advisory organization. The grievances paint a picture of slum-like conditions at bases across the United States, including black mold, lead, infestations of vermin, flooding, radon and faulty wiring.
  6. LOL weird. I just logged in to see if all of mine are still there... they are
  7. I have the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino booked for 6 nights at the end of Feb with Marriott points and $21. Also flying on American with AA points. The only thing I'll have to pay for is my food. I'm glad I booked Marriott in advance. I just checked it and there is no availability for any Marriott property except Ritz Carlton at $951 per night.
  8. I finally got a decent CLI on my Discover. +2K up to 18K now. Last CLI was $500 in OCT 2018.
  9. Comenity Total Rewards Visa . NO BT Fee. 0% until September 2020.
  10. I'll just follow your alerts. LOL I got another 2500 on mine too.
  11. You don't have to wait until it's paid off.
  12. There's an easy 30K pt ($300) signup bonus on the WF Propel. $0 annual fee https://www.wellsfargo.com/credit-cards/propel/
  13. If you still have all the FICO messages they send you, you could create your own like CV did. I have all of mine back to when I joined in 2015.
  14. I last tried back in May. I asked for 50K on both... Alaska 25.5K > 40.8K Platinum Plus 25.5K > 40.8K
  15. Thanks for the reminder! I have 2 cards : Alaska 25.5K > 40.8K Platinum Plus 25.5K > 40.8K
  16. Cap1 is saying you haven't been using the card the way we want you to use it so we're not giving you a CLI
  17. I would ideally like a sync app for all sync cards - similar to how Chase & AMEX provide one app. But I know that's just pie in the sky. mmmmm pie! 😋

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