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  1. hey Hedge, long time no see! I don't like that guy either, i tried out Max Rewards, but it only accepted 3 cards, Citi and 2 capital one's. Discover cant be used, and my Sony card is not available at this time. Do you use any tracker like that?
  2. I get a lot of comments about this card!!
  3. I gotta agree, chase bent over backwards for me too!! Lowered my interest rate to 0% for the length of the deployment! Edit: and it was just sending them a copy of my orders that did the trick!
  4. you should try for a "pay for delete" - there examples in the credit forum on how to do this. Exactly, go for the pay for delete, if that doesnt work, pay the OC. Even if they say no or they cant, send the check to the OC, if they cash it. Show the cashed check to Regrets asset. (mis-spelling on purpose!)
  5. I Chase lowered mine to 0%!!! I was really surprised!! best buy, AMEX (who even back dated/credited) I havent heard of many that will not.
  6. Glad to see you as a military representative, i have 2 Purple hearts from this current war we are in, as well as 20% disabled (still good enough to stay in lol). Hanging out for the next deployment, but anyway, i would prolly be considered an old timer on this site, i have fixed my credit, ran it up again, and fixed it again. Just glad to see they put a special spot for us military peeps!!
  7. Which we've apparently begun skewering here. Completely different card. No comparison!
  8. Now there is a third indian guy involved, who sent almost exactly the same email as the second guy did! So i cut and past my respose to the second indian guy, to the third indian guy. I am really just toying with them. Sure I am a little upset about them gutting my limit to $1,100, but its no big deal to me since i was just approved for the Penfed and the Navy! It really just seems that they can't leave a matter unresolved, they MUST have the last email since they are passing me around to different "Managers", if I dont respond, then they assume its resolved. Maybe in 20 years or so they will either get tired of the cut and paste game or cancel the card.
  9. Thanks again all!!! And especially Thanks to Kona!! She doesn't visit often, But everyone is happy when they see her!!
  10. Dear INDIAN GUY FROM INDIA, You recently contacted me regarding a change made to my Cardmember account. Regrettably, due to your inability to do anything, not even forward my request to anyone, I will no longer be an American Express user. American Express did not feel the need to contact me in regards to lowering my credit limit except by email, why should I go the extra mile and call you? Again garbage in �€“ garbage out. The only phone call you will receive from me is one canceling my account. If Interactive Servicing Support is unable to help me further with this specific request, what other issues could I possibly need taken care of? If you really "take pride in delivering to valued Cardmembers such as myself extraordinary customer care"� I sure didn't see it, and if lowering my credit limit is your idea "extraordinary customer care"� Then I think I have all the "customer care"� I can handle. Remember this is MY Money we are talking about. Not OUR money. I can spend MY money where I want, when I want, and HOW I want. I don't need your "scoring Models" to tell me where or how, or decide if I am High Risk. Let my past Payment History decide that. Who are you to tell me how to spend my $239,000 yearly household income? Your welcome for me being your Cardmember, It WAS an honor to be one. I was planning on keeping this card in my underwear drawer, but after this "extraordinary customer care"�, I think my wife's panty drawer will be better suited for the card. Sincerely, LUPOMAN Soon to be EX-Card holder unless you restore my limit. You're not dealing with people from India if you have a consumer card. You are dealing with folks in the U.S. I like the racist undertone, though. And the comment about the panty drawer . . . You're sexist, too? As to $60,000 in transactions over 4 years, that averages to $15,000 per year. That's a little more than $1,000 per month. Do you really think that's a lot of money? Based on other information you posted here, Amex had 20% of your wallet, at best. So much for your loyalty, eh? Why should you be treated better than anyone else exactly? Most people with a large number of inquiries are looking for credit because they need it. You're not, but how is an issuer to know that? Doesn't this sound like a problem of assymetric information? Others on this board may laud your approach, but you kind of sound like a spoiled brat to me. Garbage in, garbage out, indeed. Ok Sideswipa I'll humor you and go through this again since you only joined in March of this year and do not know me. One thing I am not is racist. I am calling them "guys from india, because Both of their names are of Indian decent, one in paticular is a name found in the Kashmir region and also the Gujarat region. I am not sure of the second, because its a common last name in India. I am in Afghanistan, in particular Kabul. There is a large Indian Population here and I work with them and they gather Intel for us. Its part of my job to know as much about the people gathering the intel, as well as the people they are gathering intel about. $60,000 is a lot of money to me, if its not to you, more power to you, its all relative. AMEX was not my only card mind you, they had a portion, in fact my main expenditures went through them because of the miles. Again you don't know me, I am no noob that joined in March of 2008. You can keep your spoiled brat comments to yourself. We help each other here, not call each other names like a child. Judge not, least you be judged. In my personal experience the first person to start screaming racism is usually racist themselves. "Dont complain about the straw in your neighbors eye, when there is a rafter in your own" EDIT: PS Sorry took so long for me to answer, I was busy protecting your right to post stupid crap like you did. also its information asymmetry, and yes it is, one person does have all the information. Sexist??!!! LOL My wife would laugh her $%^ off in your face on that one!!
  11. LOL I like it too!! feel free to use it lol
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