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  1. They will use the middle mortgage score of each applicant and the lowest middle if there are two applicants.
  2. I asked the CSR yesterday to send me a copy , she said it showed open accounts so we will see.
  3. That's what scares me, others say the same that they pull no problem. I did not think the CS rep knew what she was saying nor did she care. I will call for a supervisor
  4. Thank you Feebz, shifter it is not just being able to pull, it is pulling and the report shows 0 history despite the fact I am a 50 yr old female with many accounts open and closed. Feebz when I called EQ today they said they had a report for me but yet when I go to the EQ site it state that I have 0 history. Do I need to ask for a supervisor
  5. When you called did they tell you there was no report?
  6. I called EQ today and was told I had a report with open lines and that because I froze my EQ I could not pull. I know this isn't true and this rep was extremely rude and very difficult to understand. I asked her to mail me a copy , she stated the freeze was only one reason as well as discrepencies, what does that mean. Should I file complaints as well
  7. Really, because TU and Exp still offer updated reports and they are frozen as well Via CK and Wallet hub as well as Citi. It doesn't not just pull but list 0 account s , inq, etc
  8. Yes, I froze all 3 when I learned about the breach just precautionary, as far as I know , no one has tried to use any of my data. Any idea why my whole report is blank and what I can do about it
  9. Also, in CCT it stated Equifax has no report for you so unable to start another trial
  10. I am not sure what to do!! Since the breach I am unable to pull CCT or any EQ report. Even CK which I have just for alerts has not updated EQ since 9/10. On the trustedid site it lists 0 to everything from accounts to inquiries. I am not needing credit right now and froze all 3 , but I need to resolve this for my sanity. Any others have this happen and how can I fix ! I see a nightmare in my future
  11. Medicare does not make you sale anything. It is a traditional insurance for this over 65 subsidized by taxes. I believe he was referring to Medicaid , in the event your MIL needed long term care( which is not covered by Medicare) just to clarify for you
  12. Medicare makes you sell your house?
  13. Let the UW tell you to pay them and not the LO and only pay them off if required at the closing table and NOT before
  14. srbrooks


    That's 😂, thanks for the sarcasm
  15. srbrooks


    Advice from a credit forum is helpful , but it sure does not assure me that this is a scam and not a legitimate debt. I will know more when they respond to debt validation via US mail or not
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