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  1. Getting in touch with the biotel leadership on linkedin solved it for me. They pulled it back and I paid them directly over the phone and can see it in their portal as a paid zero balance.
  2. Hey - could use some help here. I'm livid. Perfect payment history, no collections and basically perfect credit score in danger of taking a hit because of Biotel/BYK collections. Long story short, I had some skipped heartbeats - went to go see my cardiologist and I received a "Biotel" holter monitor. I wore it for a few weeks, sent it back, got the results from my doctor.. and I thought that was it. My doctor charged me for what the insurance didn't cover but I had no expectation that I'd be charged directly by Biotel. I logged into my insurance claim section and noticed that
  3. Hi guys, new here looking for some help. I have 5-6 collections on my credit report that I know for a fact are 6-7 years old, which in my state would be up for deletion. I have noticed that these collection agencies are getting creative with the date opened, so it doesn't fall within the window. How can I dispute that?? They should absolutely be gone by now. For an example I have one that opened in 08 that now shows a date opened of 2013, total lie!!!
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