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  1. Hi, all... I've been googling myself into cross-eyed-ness, and I can't find a straight answer...what exactly are the credit requirements for a VA mortgage loan, specifically a cash out refinance? What are the minimum credit scores, DTI's considered? Anything else? We live in our house, this is our primary/only residence. Does each lender have a different guidelines, or are there specific ones that all lenders that do a VA loan comply with? My husband and I are in a pickle. Trying to get a cash out refi with bad credit (BK in 2016) and we modified our mortgage but they are showing late payments over the past year. I demonstrated we made each and every payment during 2018 and so far in 2019, they are saying those payments were for a couple months late in 2017. It's a mess. So...I've redone my student loans. They're timely and good. The mortgage has been modified as of 5/1/19 and is good and "current". Due to the BK, the mortgage is not reporting on our credit scores. I wish it was, if we could refinance into a new loan, it would be reported. All our bills are on time, but we do have a LOT of bills, both debt and medical and just living expenses. We thought a cash out refi would provide us the ability to pay off those bills and live comfortably without debt. We have about $200K equity in our house, and only wanted about $80K. We have secured income. Thank you for your help!
  2. I have a Capital One Platinum card, 3K limit, had it for going on a year. I've been getting all sorts of offers in the mail for a new Cap One Platinum card. I checked, this is the card they're double offering, not one of their other cards. I haven't responded, but is there any advantage to having two of the same card? I imagine they'd deny me as I already have one, but just in case they approved me...I'm a little worried how this would impact my CB report. Would it be one or two line items? Would it be advantageous in any way? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for anyone who's had experience with requesting a student loan discharge due to False Certification. The University of Phoenix got me all squared away with an enormous amount of student loan debt to pursue a career in law enforcement when I wasn't physically able to do this work job nor would I meet other qualifications required by my state. I'm applying for this discharge now. I've got hope but I'm not unrealistic about "fighting city hall". Anyone care to share their story? Thanks!

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