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  1. I’ve seen expensive coats such as Monclear (spelling?). Canada Goose are up there in price as well.
  2. Great ideas, but these coats never go on sale, sometimes discontinued models are reduced. I've been looking everywhere. There are a lot of fakes out there, a lot on amazon and eBay
  3. I used to have a Triple Fat, it doesn’t fit well.
  4. Yes, I know they are very expensive. Made in Canada. Since I started a new job, a lot of field work, in cold Cleveland and surrounding counties, Ill be on the road. And, I probably wont be able to take a vacation this November. I was hoping to be in a London for memorial ceremonies for end of WWI, thats my dream since I was there in 2014. With the money Ill save, I really need a CG coat. Yes, first world problem. US dollar higher that Canadian Dollar. So, is it better to pay in US dollars? I know the are sold in the big US cities, and select stores. If I buy out of state, Ill pay no tax.
  5. Suppose on has federal student loans only and the refinance with a private company, like SOFI, etc. I know, you lose all federal repayment programs, but...come into financial distress and need to file a CH 7. That said, can the refinanced student loans then be discharged? What am I asking this? I have a former coworker who is in a real hot mess and asked me for advice. I dont want to steer him wrong. I just want to help. My thinking is the loans being refinanced, arent consider a student loan, or does the loan now is considered private?
  6. I’m a social worker, but I can’t give legal advice. Getting guardianship is a good thing, it will help. Apply for SSI as soon as possible, it will give your son income and Medicaid. But, you can set up a Medicaid approved trust for his future, and you probably need legal advice. In Ohio there are approved Medicaid trusts which will provide for your son’s care for the future. Ohio makes it kind of easy tha t you done need a lawyer. My DD is disabled and on SSI and Medicaid. I’m her rep payee only. She is pretty functional but can’t manage her finances at all. I’m afraid I don’t know the gua
  7. My local Wal Mart had the scan and go, but we all called it scan and steal. Basically merchandise flew off the shelves. I personally witnessed this happening and store sales associates could care less. However, I was honest.
  8. When is the season 4 start date? I can't wait. Just signed up for Amazon Prime, after a few years on sabbatical.
  9. Im just trying to figure out the best for me. The only med I take is a cheap generic I get at Wal-Mart for a cash price. I usually spend all my FSA every year. This is a high deductible plan.
  10. I cant decide which one to go with. They sound so different. Im single, no dependents. Employer contributed 2k for HRA and you felt to have full FSA. Limited FSA with HSA and you need to open an act with a bank.
  11. To me, it’s rock hard. People name their products weird. They also have a higher end mattress, but the name escapes me.
  12. It came rolled up and compressed in a box. But its rock hard and Im usually a side sleeper. Hurts my shoulder. Amazon gives a 30 day guarantee. If it doesnt soften up in two weeks, Im contacting Amazon. I have no idea how Id ship this back to Amazon.
  13. Second night as bad as the first. Mattress is hard as a brick, although my JRT Cosmo had no complaints.
  14. When in doubt, throw it out. I've had my share of food poising. Pitch the sucker!
  15. Platform frame arrived and bed all set up. Ill report on my sleep tomorrow. Looking forward to a wonderful nights sleep. Hopefully.
  16. BBQ sauce and sex toys. Two of my favorite things, Still waiting for the frame to be delivered, so it’s one more night on the air mattress.
  17. Anyone familiar with the Tuft & Needle mattresses? Frame was supposed to be delivered 3/17/18, but won't come until tomorrow; hopefully. Amazon gave me a $10 credit on my account. My old bed was from 2006 (The Original Mattress factory) and just killing my back even with a memory foam topper. I gave it to someone (for free) who is very pleased and could not be happier. Currently I'm sleeping on an air mattress; $60.00 from Wal-Mart. Actually the air mattress is very firm. Cosmos very happy, but can't hide under it. The man from FedEx was very kind to schlep it up three steps for
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